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My Lady Caprice I sat fishing I had not caught anything, of course I rarely do, nor am I fond of fishing in the very smallest degree, but I fished assiduously all the same, because circumstances demanded it It had all come about through Lady Warburton, Lisbeth s maternal aunt Who Lisbeth is you will learn if you trouble to read these veracious narratives suffice it for the present that she has been an orphan from her youth up, with no living relative save her married sister Julia and her Aunt with a capital A the Lady Warburton aforesaid

About the Author: Jeffery Farnol

From WikipediaJohn Jeffery Farnol was born in Aston, Birmingham, England, UK, son of Kate Jeffery and Henry John Farnol, a factory employed brass founder The marriage had threechildren, two boys and a girl 1 He was brought up in London and Kent He attended the Westminster School of Art, after he had lost his job in a Birmingham metal working firm.In 1900, he married Blanche Wilhelmina Victoria Hawley 1883 1955 , the 16 years old daughter of the noted New York scenic artist H Hughson Hawley they moved to the United States, where he found work as a scene painter The marriage had a daughter, Gillian Hawley He returned to England around 1910, and settled in Eastbourne, Sussex In 1938, he divorced and remarried with Phyllis Mary Clarke on 20 May, and adopted her daughter, Charmian Jane 2 On 9 August 1952, he died aged 73 in Eastbourne, after a long battle with cancer.Farnol published his first romance novel My Lady Caprice in 1907 The success of his early novels led Farnol to become a professional writer He produced around 40 novels and volumes of stories, and some non fiction and children s books His last book was completed by his second wife Phyllis.Two of his early books, The Amateur Gentleman and The Broad Highway, have been issued in a version edited by romance novelist Barbara Cartland.The Life Times of Jeffery Farnol spelling Jeffrey Farnol

10 thoughts on “My Lady Caprice

  1. Tweety Tweety says:

    I m baffled How did Farnol go from this gentle, sweet story to Winds of Change Dick is a poor young man with an unfortunate habit of being a boy s best friend better known as the Imp , to his own detriment He gets turned into Little John, The Black Knight, a pirate and even an Injun It kind of reminded me of Station Jim There was the incorrigible

  2. Penelope Winkle Penelope Winkle says:

    The Chronicles of the Imp,commonly known as My Lady Caprice was a very light romance novel centering on Dick trying to woo Lisbeth into choosing him over another withprospects Dick strikes up a sort of friendship with Lisbeth s nephew known as the imp Dick uses the imp to get closer to Lisbeth, but he really does enjoy the little guy Very cute story and w

  3. Marc Beckwith Marc Beckwith says:

    I simply prefer longer books this was a novella.

  4. Kim Kim says:

    One of his early books, and it is fun and light hearted.

  5. Jane Jane says:

    4.5 Stars Another book by Farnol that I enjoyed reading I love The Imp, what a fun and entertaining character.

  6. suzi suzi says:

    A fun, light hearted romance Not so much romance really butof a romp with the Imp So funny.

  7. Catherine Catherine says:

    Farnol wrote a fine ripping yarn and this is a good example of his work Regency setting, unconventional female protagonist, well defined and interesting villains Well worth tracking down.

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