Nerva and the Roman Succession Crisis of Ad 96-99 Epub

Nerva and the Roman Succession Crisis of Ad 96-99 The imperial succession at Rome was notoriously uncertain, and where possible hereditary succession was preferredJohn Grainger s detailed study looks at aperiod of intrigue and conspiracy He explores how, why and by whom Domitian was killed, the rule of Nerva, chosen to succeed him, and finally Nerva s own choice of successor, Trajan, who became a strong and respected emperor against the oddsPerhaps most significantly Grainger investigates the effects of this dynastic uncertainty both inside and outside the ruling group in Rome, asking why civil war did not occur in this time of political upheavalThe last time a dynasty had failed, in AD , a damaging military conflict had resulted at the next failure in AD , another war broke out by the third century civil war was institutionalized, and was one of the main reasons for the eventual downfall of the entire imperial structure Grainger argues that though AD stands out as the civil war that did not happen, it was a perilously close run thing

10 thoughts on “Nerva and the Roman Succession Crisis of Ad 96-99

  1. Andrew Dockrill Andrew Dockrill says:

    Was debating on just giving it 3 stars, but it was no fault of the author, as Grainger s writing was as clear and easy to follow as it gets, it was just the scarce amount of information on the topic and my own expectations which left me with a lukewarm satisfaction The book begins with Domitian s assassination by the slave Stephanus who failed to success

  2. James James says:

    John Grainger presents an interesting, readable and highly convincing study of the tense crisis that existed following the assassination of Domitian in September 96 A.D to the arrival of Trajan in Rome in 99 The efficiency and prosperity of the Roman Empire established under Vespasian, Titus and Domitian was endangered by the sudden, unexpected murder of the

  3. Windsor Windsor says:

    I was surprised how good this book was I was not expecting much, considering this emperor only ruled for a short time Granted, I read this when my knowledge of Roman history wasn t great it still is shaky I really liked Grainger s take on why Nerva is considered a good emperor He basically says, not only is Nerva a really cool guy, but he s the father of arguably

  4. Nancy Kimball Nancy Kimball says:

    Great resourceDetailed and informative, this is exactly what I hoped it would be and thank the members at Roman Army Talk for the recommendation.

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