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Night of the New Magicians Merlin sends Jack and Annie on a mysterious mission to Paris, France, over ayears ago There they must find four magicians and give them an urgent message from Merlin himself When Jack and Annie land in Paris, they make their way to theWorld s Fair Below the Eiffel Tower, built especially for the fair, there are thousands of exhibits from all over the world But how will Jack and Annie find the magicians in the crowds of people And who are the magicians anyway Jack and Annie are about to find out in another adventure filled with history, magic, and amazing surprises

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  1. Abbie | epochnovels Abbie | epochnovels says:

    The wind started to blow The tree house started to spin It spun faster and faster Then everything was still Absolutely still This was just as magical as I remember I was awed by this series as a kid and would devour the books Nothing has changed I was in the mood for a bit of nostalgia, so reading this turned me into a little kid again This was a del

  2. Rubi Rubi says:

    In this story, Annie and Jack travel to Paris for a World Fair The fair sounded amazing, bringing inventions, thoughts, and cultures from all over the world gathered at one place I wish we still had fairs like this These days capitalism makes people selfish with their knowledge Jack and Annie had the chance to meet with some of the world s greatest invento

  3. Shawn Shawn says:

    Jack and Annie go to the France to find 4 magicians.Then went to the tower where a festival was,and they went to many places.They went to buildings and houses and they figured out where the 4 magicians were and they barowed a bike from 2 people and they use s rhyme to get to the tower it will be at the bottom.Then they climbed a lot of stairs to the top and they

  4. Kit Kit says:

    I was underwhelmed by the earlier books in this series, but the Merlin books have a littleplot than their predecessors Jack and Annie remain totally flat characters, but surprisingly, Thomas Alva Edison kind of comes to life.

  5. Melissa Keeping Melissa Keeping says:

    I m not sure if the latest Magic Tree House books have been fueling or satisfying my wanderlust They are cute little stories set in magical but real places As always, the stories are riddled with facts and history I don t think I ll ever get tired of reading these stories with my girls.

  6. Izzy Brogaard Izzy Brogaard says:

    Personal Response Reading Night of the New Magicians by Mary Pope Osborne was interesting I used to read these books all of the time when I was little, and I thought they were very adventurous It would be weird to go some of the places the characters go in the books.Plot In the book, Merlin sent Jack and Annie on a trip to the Paris World Fair in 1889 They had to find four magici

  7. Dahlia Quijano Dahlia Quijano says:

    This is my second Magic Tree House book In this book, Jack and Annie went to the World s Fair I was very surprised by the ending of the book.

  8. Paige Coup Paige Coup says:

    Night of the New Magicians Paige Coup B5 11 9 16 Night of the New Magicians by Mary Pope Osborne, Jake was reading a book on the porch and the crickets chirp Then, the ice cream truck came and Annie came out and told Jake that their mom gave them money to buy ice cream A stream of light came down from the sky and Jake and Annie knew it was the magic tree house They went into the tree house a

  9. Tamra Tamra says:

    My 7 year old daughter is way into the Magic Tree House series, so I decided to read one I had my hopes up, since the last series I got into, through her, was Junie B Jones, and I LOVE Junie B.However, the Magic Tree House doesn t have much magic, unfortunately I guess it s just been too long since I liked books without engaging plot lines or characters or descriptions or action The whole of the b

  10. Nate Beard Nate Beard says:

    I didnt like this one.

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