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Ningú és perfecte La Libby t vint i set anys i un dilema es deleix per casar se amb un home ric, per en Nick li trenca els esquemes s un pelacanyes divertit, guapo i encantador, que viu en un apartament que fa riure D altra banda, potser l Ed s acosta m s al pr ncep blau que busca malgrat el seu bigoti horrible i els h bits pat tics que gasta, s un banquer que viu en una casa preciosa de Regent s park Davant de les seves expectatives de futur, amb quin dels dos decidir viure una hist ria d amor Qu s m s important, un home que la faci riure, que sigui atent i, a m s que estigui com un tren, o b un que li doni la seguretat econ mica, s clar que necessita i que adori el terra que trepitja Cancel la totes les cites que tinguis i llegeix te l Cosmopolitan

10 thoughts on “Ningú és perfecte

  1. Nathan Nathan says:

    This book made me quit my book club.

  2. Lilly Lilly says:

    The best thing about this book was that it makes you realize that anyone really CAN get published They should really file it under inspiration.I know, I know, I got what I deserved I just wanted a fun summer read and I loved her book Jemima J, but this was complete garbage The characters were shallow and unlikeable at one point the main character realizes she is literally prostituting he

  3. Obsidian Obsidian says:

    This was one Jane Green book from her chick lit days I never read I wondered why I never bought this and now I know why I must have read the sample and said no thank you That was a smart decision I am kind of horrified at how bad this book was The main character was awful, so were two of her love interests Her friend was having issues serious ones that she ignored Her mother made Mrs Bennett

  4. Lee Lee says:

    If you want poignancy, you won t get that in this book This is your average chick literature, with a protagonist whose only goal in mind is to end up with the guy of her dreams.Now, you may be thinking, why the fuck do I like this book For starters, I have already breached below my expectations for a book when it comes to chick literature I already expect a common plot, a protagonist with an I m

  5. Monica Shoshanna Monica Shoshanna says:

    This book was utter garbage, how do books like this get published Firstly I didn t really warm to any of the characters and I couldn t stand the main character Libby I found her really shallow, unpleasant and materialistic She really proves how feminism hasn t changed anything if woman are still intent on marrying rich men I didn t care for any of the characters, especially Nick, the guy who Libby i

  6. Yulia Yulia says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Here s the usual dilemma in chick lit novels A woman struggles to choose between a wealthy man she has no connection with and a poor man she loves She chooses the poor man and he ends up already being or quickly becoming wealthy We re all happy The end But what if the woman chooses the poor man and, goodness gracious, he rem

  7. Shy Shy says:

    I don t know what to expect when I first picked up this novel Jane Green was not one of the authors that I m familiar with so I thought it is good to try something new Sadly to say though, the result was rather frustrating.The book started off OK but once I passed the first hundred page, I literally start to yawn The predictability of the plots and some annoying characters really turned off my interest but

  8. Sara Sara says:

    The first quarter of the book was good, you get into the story and want to know what will happen then in the middle part I would say for half of the book I had a very strong sense of d j vu with another book I ve read this year, it was a carbon copy of the story, but checking the publication dates Mr Maybe was written first so I guess it was the other way around and the Sophie part of I wish I were you was the

  9. BabyBeth BabyBeth says:

    I tried to get back to my Rom Com, chick lit, Sophie Kinsella style books but I guess I m way too deep into other genres This didn t cut it It was not a hugely disappointing read, just s forgettable, you kind of dread the time you ve invested in reading it.

  10. Rachel Rachel says:

    Over the years I ve come to accept the fact that sometimes I m in the mood to read unapologetic fluff For me, that usually means a British rom com filled with women who wear Jigsaw suits to their jobs as television presenters, who eat takeaway curries in their garden flats and take mini cab s to meet their girlfriends at smart pubs at the weekend I ve always enjoyed these books with their pleasant and predictable plots

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