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No More Resistance: Soul Shifterz MC Book 2 She has always been his everything He was always destined to own her heart even if they resisted for so long This love they share has already cost them both so much They are now bound not only by this love but with their unborn child that grows within her This is no longer the same club Jenalyn is accustom to Justice is no longer the President s Enforcer Power and responsibilities have shifted, and they need each other now, than ever As the lasting repercussions continue to play out and unfold in their lives, how will this affect their feelings for one another With a need for comfort, and vengeance who will seek out blood first Will they ultimately stop fighting one another long enough to come together for the club, and their growing family Warning This book could contain possible triggers from the description given This is not suitable for those under the age ofThere is physical abuse and retribution No Cliffhanger

10 thoughts on “No More Resistance: Soul Shifterz MC Book 2

  1. Kim Richards Kim Richards says:

    WOW..I personally found this book bloody brilliant I was pulled into this book from the get go, watching the story play out in my head as I was reading the book Not to give anything away this is the second book in Justice and Jenalyn s story, but along with that we also learnabout others within the MC and others that are mentioned in the first book I personally was on an emotional rollercoaster with this book, I laughed, I cried, I shouted then went through

  2. Teresa Lara Teresa Lara says:

    loved how Jus and Jens journey is going Loving this series needCan t wait till I start book 3

  3. Jamie Ellis Jamie Ellis says:

    His everythingLoved this second installment to this awesome series I devoured this book today, even after having to do adulting lol Loved this so much and it just flowed Kayce knows how to reel you in and capture your heart with Jen She is an awesome and amazing woman She just knows the MC life and can take care of herself she was bada in my opinion And oh my gosh the love that Jus has for Jen was a love so strong I am envious of these characters The way he kept te

  4. melanie allen melanie allen says:

    This is book two and continues where book one finished Everyone is still feeling every emotion from what went down and Jen isn t coping well but with Justice by her side helping her she can get through this for there child s sake Jen is everything to Justice he will do anything for her and there child They have to sort out the club vote a new Pres in, once that s all done things take a while before they feel like it s all going to be good With Justice pulling out all t

  5. Emily Emily says:

    No More Resistance Soul Shifterz MC Series Book Two by Kayce Kyle is a great read I loved readingabout Justice and Jenalyn, Ace and Tess, and all the other Soul Shifterz MC members This story has action, romance, MC life, family, overcoming loss, happy endings, andI m looking forward to readingfrom this author in the future Recommend to all fans of MC romance, and series.

  6. Theresa Ritchie Theresa Ritchie says:

    kayce noresistance soul shifterz mc was amazing loved every moment of it , kayce books get you hooked from the start leaving you wantinglooking forward to readingfrom kayce , just love justice and jenalyn , if you love mc books highly recommend kayce books she one of my favourite mc authors

  7. Tracy Tracy says:

    The first thing i need to say you need a box of tissues at hand before you begin this book and make it an extra large box at that The emotions that you will experience are completely mind blowing both good and bad and all the inbetween are written with such a passion that they pull you in so completely you feel either part of the story or the story is part of you yes both are one of the same and that s what is so amazing with this book Without giving away spoilers thi The first th

  8. Lauren Lauren says:

    Noresistance is book two in the Soul Shifterz MC series This book is a continuation of Justice and Jenalyn s story I read this book in one sitting and was satisfied throughout I like that the love between Justice and Jenalyn is stronger then ever I like Jenalyn and I understood why she was upset but her temper tantrums were a little over the top That being said, I liked that she kept Justice on his toes I liked that Justice referred to Jenalyn as his everything I liked the little bi N

  9. Fabiola Cadet-Destil Fabiola Cadet-Destil says:

    ConclusionOfJustuceAndJenalynThis was the best novella turn full length book, yes it was I just knew their story wasn t done, I could see her struggling with the aftermath, her pain is real and she has to figure out how to live with it As always Justice is being strong for his Everything and the upcoming war, but they stood strong in believing in their love for each other I love this book so much, it give me the sense of You will prevail no matter what comes your way It s really a great r

  10. Katie Cox Katie Cox says:

    Gray is a neutralI m really excited about the rest of this series The first book started slow then seemed to go from 0 to 60 in just a couple of paragraphs, it felt a bit manic to me But, it ended really well and I was pleased that the author thought to give the readers this Book 1 Part 2 followup It was great to get to know these characters better before reading the next books in the series I like the darker MC feel here, it s not overdone Most of us live in some shade of gray, right

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