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Ominous Love Warning Some sex scenes and violence For mature teens and adultsWhen eighteen year old Eloise s parents go away for two weeks, she s thrilled She s looking forward to going to end of term parties with her friends But strange sounds on the roof and outside her bedroom window at night have her too afraid to be alone in the rickety old house Her boyfriend, Tom, isn t much help, he s only after one thing Things take an interesting turn with a surprise meeting on the beach Who is this gorgeous boy, and where did he come from Eloise never believed in love at first sight, but when this dreamboat touches her, she s consumed with a desire she s never known before Still afraid of being alone at night, she invites the handsome stranger to stay with her while her parents are away Though she melts in his arms when he kisses her, she wonders if she s making a huge mistake, after all, someone is stalking her every move, but who

About the Author: Patricia Puddle

I was born in England and moved to Australia at the age of twelve I had always dreamed of writing children s stories, but due to childhood illnesses I missed an important part of my early schooling, and for some reason I slipped through the cracks I didn t do very well at school and spent many hours outside the principal s office for disrupting the class I left school at the age of fourteen to help look after my mother, who was ill at the time As soon as I turned fifteen, I started working for a typewriter manufacturer in the city My boss was a very kind and understanding man and he sent a typewriter to my home so that I could learn to type I began writing about my childhood, but I had no idea where commas went, or even how to spell, so my stories were filed away.I married at the age of seventeen, had a family, and then worked full time, but when I turned fifty, I helped my husband to build a brick house in the country Once we d finished, my husband bought me my first home computer As I no longer had to work full time, I enrolled in an online IT course at TAFE It took me over a year and I surprised myself with high marks I then joined online writing and critique groups and learned as much as I could about writing for children I spent every spare hour writing, reading and critiquing I read and studied hundreds of children s books and kept editing my stories until I felt confident to submit them My first story was my childhood memories turned into a fictitious children s adventure, which I called Star Crossed Rascals I also volunteered for a wildlife rescue in Australia, and sometimes I add what I ve learned about animals to my children s books I also write New Adult Fantasy Romance and also Contemporary Romance.So far, I have nine published books Fallen Angel Prequel to Nathaniel Teen Angel Ominous SeriesNathaneiel teen Angel Book 1 Ominous Series Ominous Love Book 2 Ominous Series Velvet Ball and The broken FairyMolly Gumnut Rescues a BandicootStar Crossed RascalsRascals Sing at The Opera House.Double Trouble Adventurers of Polly Gerty More stories in my Ominous Series out soon.

10 thoughts on “Ominous Love

  1. Alicia Huxtable Alicia Huxtable says:

    Best yetThis series gets better as it goes on Devlin steps up his obsession to get Eloise and almost succeeds if it weren t for real love Nathaniel is such a fantastic character and I absolutely adore how his character is written Devlin.Well I can t help but pity his character.

  2. Toni Toni says:

    A delightful love story with a heavenly twist, and devilish drama and excitement This love a first sight tale does not run smoothly, but the journey the Author takes you on keeps you wantingCan t wait for the sequel,to find what s in store for the characters next.

  3. Patricia Puddle Patricia Puddle says:

    Suitable for mature teens New Adults and adults All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older When Eighteen year old Eloise s parents go away for two weeks, she s thrilled She s looking forward to going to parties with her friends But strange sounds on the roof and out

  4. Rebecca Charlesworth Rebecca Charlesworth says:

    I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion and review I gave this book 4 stars and here is why Ominous love has a magnificent story line I have always loved the concept of angels and fallen angels and it also kind of reminded me of the Hush Hush series which I also loved I would have giv

  5. Wade Faubert Wade Faubert says:

    I really enjoyed the Young Adult book, Ominous Love, by Patricia Puddle Patricia weaves an interesting story of young love as 16 year old Elle battles the pressures of school, work and an overly aggressive boyfriend I got the feel for life in Australia as she references local wildlife, native trees and some dialect f

  6. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I was drawn into this book immediately and it kept me guessing right up until the end Written for a young adult audience, it tackles difficult themes in an immensely readable way I loved every page of it and am hoping for a sequel soon Kudos to Patricia Puddle, who proves herself to be a fantastic author over and over.

  7. John Hennessy John Hennessy says:

    Ominous Love is bang on in its dissection of teenage relationships and all the angst that comes with it Maybe even as adults we see some of this in our own closest relationships.Our heroine, Eloise, is having issues with stalker ish and all round bad boy Tom She is able to prank him in one memorable scene she jams a slimy fish into hi

  8. Elsa Carrion Elsa Carrion says:

    Rating 5 StarsTitle Ominous LoveAuthor Patricia PubbleFormat eBook 129 pgsGenre YA Romance, Paranormal, AngelsCover 4 stars Loved the concept but looked a little choppySeries YesI loved the storyline Who doesn t like angle s stories fallen or otherwise Besides the main plot of evil vs good saving the heroine, there is another element that I ha

  9. Terry Terry says:

    This was an enjoyable, sweet, funny read, which I thoroughly enjoyed The author wrote this novel in such an easy, smooth, pleasant manner that it made the reading experience like enjoying the richest, most delicious dessert ever made As Heavenly as this novel is though, all is not as it seems Ms Puddle has seasoned it with just enough suspense that it

  10. Melisa Hamling Melisa Hamling says:

    First attraction The cover Love it This is a sweet romance with a different twist in the Angels and Demons realm of writing Eloise aka Elle, is a young, naive 16 yr old typical who has all of those wonderful ideas of love and romance and what it might be like.Everything seems sweet until Elle s boyfriend, Tom, tries to force Elle to do things she doesn t want t

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