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Once Upon a Ballroom An original anthology of short stories set in the glittering ballrooms of Regency England, by Caroline Linden, Katharine Ashe, Maya Rodale, and Miranda NevilleDiscover how a masked ball can turn friends into lovers how a wicked, wonderful dream can indeed come true how sometimes behaving as one should not can lead to the most passionate results and how the truest love is a bond no scandal can shake Anything can happen at a ball scandal, passion, disaster and true loveFeaturing The Truth About Love by Caroline LindenAsk Me to Dance by Katharine AsheOnce Upon a Dream by Maya RodaleThe School of Wooing for Inept Book Collectors by Miranda Neville

About the Author: Katharine Ashe

Katharine Ashe is the USA Today bestselling author of historical romances reviewers call intensely lush and sensationally intelligent, including twos Best Romances of the Year A professor of history and popular culture, she writes fiction because she adores the grand adventures and breathtaking sensuality of historical romance Forinformation, please visit her at

10 thoughts on “Once Upon a Ballroom

  1. Megan Megan says:

    Free at Smashwords I m a Caroline Linden fangirl but hadn t read the other authors in this anthology before.The Linden story The Truth About Love stands alone and I don t think is connected to any other series of hers and was a sweet and understated married couple remains steadfast and committed

  2. Lady Wesley Lady Wesley says:

    Four short, fun stories from a quartet of very talented writers Certainly worth your 99 cents on Kindle

  3. Janine Ballard Janine Ballard says:

    The following review appeared at Dear Author Readers,Recently I purchased the self published anthology, Once Upon a Ballroom Original Short Stories and Exclusive Excerpts I was drawn to this anthology by my interest in Miranda Neville s story, The School of Wooing for Inept Book Collectors I ve enjoy

  4. Cornelia Cornelia says:

    short short novellasnothing catched my eye except for the last story.

  5. Beebs Beebs says:

    4 very short but very sweet stories Fun

  6. Rachel- Goodbye Borders Rachel- Goodbye Borders says:

    Not great, not bad, just okay.

  7. Jazzysmum Jazzysmum says:

    Caroline LInden s novella was the best in this offering The rest just left too much Huh do I have to get the full story

  8. Doreen Doreen says:

    I really enjoyed the story by Caroline Linden which pushed up the overall score a lot.It really caused me to gnash my teeth though when one of the other authors referred to boxes of chocolates, and how expensive it was for the gentlemen to give them to young ladies Bearing in mind that they would have had to h

  9. Rose Rose says:

    Overall, a cute collection of stories I ve read books by each of these authors, and quite enjoyed most of them, so this anthology was a nice read.Maya Rodale s story was a bit disappointing, though It was basically a prologue, of sorts, for the same book that is then previewed The other three were all complete s

  10. Christiana Christiana says:

    My favourite story was Miranda Neville s the School of Wooing for Inept Book Collectors I read this before and liked it enough but re read it after reading the 1st,2nd and 4th book of the Burgundy Club series and enjoyed it so much better since now I knew who the secondary characters were and understood the inside

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