Passing on the Faith: A Radical New Model for Youth and

Passing on the Faith: A Radical New Model for Youth and Family Ministry What a radically new yet ancient model of faith formation the family is restored to the center of the faith growth process, with the congregation and community as integral, active partners The authors of Passing On the Faith present this new model, which is based on the extensive research of Search Institute and the Youth and Family Institute of Augsburg College, including the finding that only 10 percent of church families both Protestant and Catholic discuss their faith on a regular basis In Passing On the Faith, Merton P Strommen and Richard A Hardel draw on their pastoral experiences to relate research and theory to Catholic daily life The book addresses topics including strengthening family relationships, congregations as family, creating a Christian youth subculture, and transforming today s culture It also gives concrete advice for translating the strategies from vision into action With its helpful chapter notes, bibliography, list of resource contacts, and index, Passing On the Faith is an important text for college and seminary courses in youth and family ministry, and is a useful reference book for community and school libraries With its narrative style, ideas, anecdotes, charts and graphs, and activities, it is also an essential resource for pastors, youth ministers, family ministers, and community leaders This book will encourage dialogue about an essential tenet of Christian teachings that the family is central to faith formation.

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    Read as part of the Christian Education Task Force at church An intergenerational, all congregation approach to raising childrn in a family of faith.

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