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Peaches Running a ranch and fending off three meddlesome aunts leaves Whit McCandless no time, and even less patience, for the prickly new schoolmarm s greenhorn carelessness The teacher needs educating before somebody gets hurt Ruth Avery can manage her children and her school just fine without interference from some philistine of a rancher If he d pay attention to his cattle and less to her affairs, they d both prosperHe didn t expect to need rescuing She never intended to fall in love

10 thoughts on “Peaches

  1. Shirl Shirl says:

    I really enjoyed this story It was a fun quick read for the holidays I wish it had been longer The author did a great job of making the characters come alive off the pages You could feel Whit s anger and frustration and wondered why he got so angry at those Peach trees so much You could also feel the warmth in his heart when the schoo

  2. Kelly Kelly says:

    5 stars.Sweet short story of a tough rancher and a widowed schoolmarmand peach pies I wish this story would have been longer I wanted to spendtime with these people This is the first book I ve read by this author and I look forward to reading .

  3. Crystal Marie Crystal Marie says:

    his was a really quick, but sweet, read While I personally wasn t able to connect with the characters completely, I was still able to read and grasp what was going on in the story And I was able to follow along with Whit and Ruth s budding attraction.In the beginning of the story, it was a bit annoying as to why Whit had such an issue w

  4. Amary Chapman Amary Chapman says:

    Sweet westernSweet historical western romance with a happy ever after Ruth, the new school teacher and Wilt the crabby rancher find love in this tale of a widowed mom of three and a man who dwells in the pain of his past

  5. Judy Esposito Judy Esposito says:

    A Fun Read For The Holidays I really enjoyed this cute short story, great for the holidays Kept me entertained This is a clean read JudyE

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