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Peyton Amberg Peyton Amberg is a young woman growing ever restless in her marriage, and ever hopeful that the next bed will produce someone exciting As she moves from man to man, she slowly but surely loses her youthfulness, her good looks, even her sanity, as her paramours become rougher and the sex brutalA savvy riff on the classic figure of Madame Bovary, Peyton Amberg is a caustic and brilliant satire of contemporary marriage, as it charts the free floating lust and exploits of a woman yearning for fulfillment outside of rigid societal structureTama Janowitz s Peyton Amberg is nasty, funny, jaundiced, sarcastic, searingly honest, and mesmerizing from beginning to end

10 thoughts on “Peyton Amberg

  1. Hannah Hannah says:

    a book about a slut well, you could buy this, or you could read the blog i created when i was 23 you choose.

  2. Blair Blair says:

    Unfinished review to be continued There are certain books I have on a reading list that only exists in my head I ve never attempted to catalogue them on Goodreads I ve never even tried to make a note of them all in the same place They re books I remember wanting to read when I was much younger, that I made notes of in various notebooks, often noting them down because I t

  3. Ruric Ruric says:

    This book was unusual Although I hated how selfish and self absorbed the character was I finished the book and found that I d enjoyed it I didn t find it predictable, which I liked This book isn t for happy ending lovers but I would reccommend it.

  4. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    I get the feeling Tama Janowitz is wasted on this story and this character She is obviously a skilled author as it was her writing style alone that pushed me to read to the end Peyton Amberg is not a likable character and I ended up not caring about her downfall.

  5. Hélio Teixeira Hélio Teixeira says:

    One of Janowitz s best and deeper works Funny, sometimes raw, and very critical we never know if the style is purely feminist or purely feminist mockery.

  6. pages for breakfast & pages for breakfast & says:

    Interesting read Oh, if only I could write a novel like this

  7. sendann sendann says:

    Another one I read many years ago It s stuck with me, like something yucky My memories of this book are unsettling and queasy, but vivid all the same.

  8. Noelle Noelle says:


  9. Andrew Andrew says:

    I felt this read as a darker version of fear of thing sless psychoanalytic though and though dark not as dark as say a Hubert Selby junior tale.It was a book I picked up really unaware of its content being just something I got from a book deal at a charity shop but it s a book of a journey of sorts undertook through extra marital affairs.That s a simplistic take in honesty and the book bounces back

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