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Popular Culture in Ancient Rome Most People In The Roman World Did Not Belong To The Elite Much Ancient History, However, Has Focused On The Lives, Politics And Culture Of The Minority Elite This Book Helps Redress The Balance And Builds A Vivid Account Of The Everyday Lives Of The Masses, Including Their Social And Family Life, Leisure And Religious Beliefs

10 thoughts on “Popular Culture in Ancient Rome

  1. Bonnie_blu Bonnie_blu says:

    This is a wonderful look into the lives of all of the others in ancient Rome Toner s thorough investigation and very approachable style draw the reader into the world of slaves, women, the poor, and those that are making ends meet, but can be easily plunged into poverty However this is not a d

  2. Kate Boham Kate Boham says:

    This was a difficult book to get through It took months because I found there were many other things I wanted to read I did finish it though the language was ponderous and dry.Ultimately, it wasn t what I was looking for I wanted of a day in the life history of the majority of the people that mad

  3. Alberto Yagos Alberto Yagos says:

    The introduction rambles around and it s a bit disappointing In the same way, the chapter about Mental Health has half a dozen of pages about modern classification of mental diseases which has no reason in an essay about history.The rest of the book is a great source of information about the living co

  4. Virani Virani says:

    Me ha parecido un libro muy original y del que se puede aprender mucho, es una visi n de Roma bastante interesante Sin embargo, en algunos cap tulos se me ha hecho un poco denso, no se si es por culpa del traductor o del propio autor pero sigue si...

  5. Pablo74 Pablo74 says:

    Es un buen libro, muy original en su forma de desentra ar c mo viv a, sent a y qu pretend a la no lite romana los que no eran el Imperio Romano Tal vez, es demasiado repetitivo en alguno p rrafos y podr a aportar m s en el sentido de que queda algo alejado de algunos problemas c...

  6. Diego Diego says:

    Jerry Torner hace todo lo posible por lograr una tarea imposible, reconstruir las caracter sticas de la vida del romano promedio, no de la lite de la cual sabemos tanto Para esto se vale de todas las fuentes hist ricas disponibles en los textos de los historiadores cl sicos como Plutarco o Tacito, de los m dicos

  7. Les Les says:

    This is a lively and well written look at popular culture The author doesn t get too bogged down with late 20th century cultural theories, but does have enough analysis to satisfy the common reader What is most interesting is the wide range of cultural practices he surveys, only natural considering the scope of the R

  8. Kathy Petersen Kathy Petersen says:

    Ponderous and scholarly, Popular Culture in Ancient Rome is nonetheless a most interesting and far reaching investigation of how the general populace Toner calls them the non elite lived and laughed and survived.

  9. Alfonso Alfonso says:

    Libro acerca de la cultura popular de la antigua Roma Qu com an, pensaban, cre an Una interesante lectura.

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