Power of Plants: How Food and Cannabis Helped Me Heal

Power of Plants: How Food and Cannabis Helped Me Heal In the earliest years of Bainti Parmar s life, she was constantly in bed with one illness after another Among her family and friends, she was known as the sick girl And that was before she was diagnosed with typediabetes when she was nine years old Life with a disease was difficult for the young girl, but her struggles to cope with diabetes as a child paled in comparison to the struggles she would face in her early twenties, when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis Her doctors prescribed various medications to slow the progression of the disease, but they told her to prepare for life in a wheelchair Bainti s prospects for happiness seemed grim But a chance encounter with a holistic healer changed everything for Bainti Through the healing power of plants, she recovered her health, and now she wants to share her story with the world in the hope that her success can help others who are suffering with no answers Power of Plants How Food and Cannabis Helped Me Healis as inspirational as it is educational, and it might just change your life

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