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Pravda Messenger: A Novel (Book #2) In , Czar Alexander I of Russia was buried but many did not believe that the body in the coffin was that of the czar Rather, they believed that he had slipped away in disguise and was walking the roads of Russia as a humble monk In , a Russian named Yuri and his adolescent daughter Tanya approach a Soviet era monastery in Leningrad, where an ancient tomb is opened inside is the ancient, dessicated body of a monk and a golden snuff box is removed and given to them Tanya has a special gift the Pravda she can always recognize when someone is telling her the truth But Soviet soldiers arrive, and Yuri is wounded and captured Tanya flees Seven years later, Tanya is living in Colorado on a goat farm, but her ability as an investigator aided by her Pravda gift has already proven useful to the local sheriff Then the Bible of the Bell Messenger comes into her life, and all of the mysteries and dangers of her past life erupt again the golden snuff box, the identity of the monk in the coffin, the location and welfare of her father and Tanya embarks on a world tour, partly fleeing, partly kidnapped, partly in an effort to solve the mysteries herself Will Tanya, now in her late teens, be able to discern which of the new people who enter her life at his point can be trusted Will she fulfill her destiny as the girl with the gift And how will the Messenger s Bible help her

About the Author: Robert Cornuke

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Pravda Messenger: A Novel (Book #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Robert Cornuke author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Pravda Messenger: A Novel (Book #2)

  1. Leigh Ann Leigh Ann says:

    Absolutely loved this book but make sure you read the first book first, which is called The Bell Messenger These books are a historical fiction talking about a Civil War Bible that makes it s way thr

  2. Yelania Nightwalker Yelania Nightwalker says:

    Tanya naci con un don, el don de la Pravda Seg n la leyenda, ella deber conocer el mensaje que un monje Fedor Kuzmich le ha dejado, en una caja de rap que se llev a la tumba El d a que Tanya llega al monaster

  3. Jane Maritz Jane Maritz says:

    The story is of Tanya, a Russian girl blessed with the Pravda, or the ability to distinguish when people are telling truth or lies Sadly, a blessing in the wrong hands is easily turned into a curse, so young Tanya fin

  4. Mark Young Mark Young says:

    Great story This the second in a series In a way, The Pravda Messenger picks up where The Bell Messenger leaves off Tonya Novak the girl with the gift of the Pravda legend fled from the KGB in 1975, leaving her wounded father

  5. Laura Laura says:

    The title of the book caused me to pick it up and the description of the story made me take it home I was not disappointed and the story picked up speed as we went along with the main character in her leaving her country and going to a

  6. Lee Button Lee Button says:

    Sequel to The Bell Messenger Lots of history and suspense With the previous novel two of the better Christian fiction books I have read.

  7. Joe Joe says:

    veryy nice sequel enjoyed the twisting plot and the ever present bible enjoyable,a page turner.

  8. Rebornbutterfly Rebornbutterfly says:

    Quick Thoughts Not as great as The Bell Messenger the prequel to this But still a good book Worth checking out for someone who is wanting a suspense mystery with some history thrown in

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