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Precinct Puerto Rico Near Rinc n, Puerto Rico,Even a tropical paradise may have its little murdersIn his years as sheriff of Angustias, a small town nestled in Puerto Rico s mountainous heart, Luis Gonzalo has seen his share of violence People kill for love and money in Angustias just as they do anywhere else But it is during a visit to his wife s family in the seaside town of Rinc n that Gonzalo encounters his greatest challengeA midnight call brings Gonzalo to a beach where bodies are washing ashore, victims of a shipwreck, victims of the illegal traffic in humans from the Dominican Republic When he discovers evidence that the shipwreck was no accident, that the ship s captain was murdered, Gonzalo s life is threatened When he discovers proof that Puerto Rican police were involved in the deaths of the illegal immigrants, the lives of his wife and children are threatened The murder of one of his deputies brings Gonzalo no closer to the bottom of this mystery a mystery no other law enforcement agency wants to help him solveThe first in a series of police procedural mysteries featuring Luis Gonzalo and the citizens and cops of Angustias, Precinct Puerto Rico Book One is a brilliant beginning to a continuing story from a long overdue locale

About the Author: Steven Torres

Steven Torres was born in the Bronx, spent part of his childhood in Puerto Rico and has authored six previously published novels He teaches English in Connecticut where he lives with wife and daughter.

10 thoughts on “Precinct Puerto Rico

  1. Alondra Miller Alondra Miller says:

    3.25 StarsThis was good when it was good, and lame when it was lame I won t say bad, but lame in its attempts to get from Point A to Point B I can see the potential in this series, and I like what I see I just hope the author sees it too, and improves Disclaimer This is a book started and finished during COVID 19 Due to stress and mental exhaustion, I cannot be held acco

  2. Sherri F. Sherri F. says:

    3 to 3.5 This is 1 in the Luis Gonzalo series and is a pretty good start to the series published 13 yrs ago However, it wasn t quite as good as the only other one I have read so far, which was 2 Death in Precinct Puerto Rico In this one I enjoyed many of the charactersthan how the story line went in some places I felt it ended slightly abruptly and not really a slow or moderate t

  3. Leslie King Leslie King says:

    In attempts to learnabout Puerto Rico I read this It was decent, nothing bad to say Every day I learn something about Puerto Rico, I realize how little I know about Puerto Rico My friends tell me about it s rich and very interesting history.but I can t find books to read to inform myself Feel free to make suggestions

  4. Lillie Lillie says:

    Wanted to like this mystery but the writing didn t keep my attention The interaction between the characters were good but the mystery just wasn t there There were too many pages where my eyes glazed over Won t be picking up the next in the series.

  5. Beth Garcia Beth Garcia says:

    Disjointed and hard to follow, much less get into Too much in depth detail about mundane happenings and not enough about the actual mystery story line Too predictable Good if you want a geographical historical cultural account of Puerto Rico.

  6. Janet Janet says:

    Glad it exists 4 stars sorry to have to rate it 3 stars series has potential 5 stars.

  7. Ann Ann says:

    Sharp, endearing characters, descriptive background, tension, humor and sensitivity make for a really good read Will be looking for .

  8. Josh Josh says:

    Small town Angustais situated in the mountains of Puerto Rico is about to have its world turned upside down courtesy of across town corrupt cops embroiled in people smuggling from the Dominican Republic with local town sheriff Luis Gonzalo the only one standing between mass murder and justice The green police presence of Angustais had little to do with murder and armed combat in recent times but that s soon to change when a bank is

  9. Olivermagnus Olivermagnus says:

    This book is the first in a series set in Angustias, Puerto Rico featuring Sheriff Luis Gonzalo In his years as sheriff of Angustias, a small town in the mountains of Puerto Rico, Gonzalo has seen people kill for all sorts of reasons During a visit to his wife s family in Rincon, a cozy seaside town, he s called to the beach where bodies of an apparent shipwreck begin washing in It appears they were illegally trying to escape from the Domini

  10. Doug Sacks Doug Sacks says:

    This was my first YA mystery and I am so glad I read it I was kept interested the whole time and the opening chapter was honestly worthy of any John Grisham style novel It was just violent and gritty enough to be realistic for today s teens while it didn t lose a little of the happy ending flavor that maybe teens still want The Puerto Rican flavor was authentic for me without being stereotypical at all I am trying to focus a littleon Hispanic Latino

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