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Reading Contemporary Picturebooks: Picturing Text Reading Contemporary Picturebooks takes a look at one of the most vibrant branches of children s literature the modern picturebook This exciting new book takes a sample of contemporary picturebooks and closely examines the features that make them distinctive and then suggests a way of characterising the interanimation of words and pictures that is the essence of the form The reasons for the picturebook s vitality and flexibility are also explored and the close bond between the picturebook and its readers is analyzed Advances in our understanding of how visual images are organized are examined and the book concludes with an attempt to redescribe the picturebook in such a way that pictures, readers and text may be drawn together Picturing Text will be of interest to students, teachers and researchers interested in reading, children s literature and media studies

10 thoughts on “Reading Contemporary Picturebooks: Picturing Text

  1. Neda Neda says:

    Interesting topics especially the chapter on Wittgenstein s ideas about meaning and picturebooks.

  2. Natalie VanDusen Natalie VanDusen says:

    Philosophical and wordy in a few spots, but really interesting ideas I feel like for a book about picturebooks there weren t enough illustrations.

  3. Sarz Sarz says:

    Set book on Children s Lit MA

  4. Lynley Lynley says:

    This author examines earlier attempts to classify children s books and Lewis resists categorisation, instead arguing for an ecological approach He argues this convincingly and it makes a lot of sense to me In the end though, any attempt to classify picturebooks will leave you with a deeper appreciation of the form I still think that Nikolajeva and Scott did

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