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Reawakening A dragon wakes from a thousand year sleep to a world he no longer recognises Tarnamell s first venture back into the world finds him rebuffed by a feisty desert spirit who thinks he is nothing than a large and scaly nuisance Determined to try again, Tarn takes human form and sets out to explore this new world, battling his grief and bewilderment as he realises all he once loved has faded into legend his armies, his brothers and sisters, even the lover who grew old without him centuries ago Posing as a caravan guard, he sets out across the Alagard Desert in search of the spirit who made him smileBut it isn t just a single dragon who has woken again As Tarn and his new friends press deeper into the desert, their path grows perilous, and it soon becomes obvious that something dark and terrible has returned to the worldThe Shadow Tarn once defeated has woken before him and now he is the only one left to defend his new friends, his desert, and all that lies below the protective shadow of his wing

10 thoughts on “Reawakening

  1. Julio Genao Julio Genao says:

    be careful what you wish for.when i read ms durreson s marvelously inventive and promising free novella The Lodestar of Ys, i bemoaned the hurly burly nature of the story rushing from one interesting locale to another, abandoning nicely realized settings and characters alike, just as i was growing to appreciate them.now now i ve got the opposite complaint

  2. ttg ttg says:

    4.5 stars For fantasy fans, Reawakening is a pretty smashing novel, filled with beautiful exotic settings, creatures of lore dragons , fighting gods, battlemaidens, the walking dead, and a dark menacing villain that can infiltrate your heart It s got sword fights, daring escapes across the desert, a developing romance and yes, sexy times , and most of all,

  3. Vivian Vivian says:

    DRAGONS Yes, I m very predictable I

  4. Heller Heller says:

    4.5This is exactly what I needed to read right now Just a fantastic fantasy story, that s basically battle for control of the world Very good vs evil light vs dark I loved Tarn the dragon so very much He s ancient, he s lonely and he s been asleep for a thousand years The world has cracked and been remade in his absence and he s only a fireside story of lege

  5. Bob Bob says:

    As epic fantasies go, Reawakening is one of theoriginal and enjoyable tales I ve come across in some time Alternately dark and light, violent and erotic, Amy Rae Durreson manages to cram a lot into its pages, and all without having the story feel bloated or rushed.It s been a thousand years since dragons last roamed the land, a millennium in which their heroi

  6. K.J. Charles K.J. Charles says:

    I don t generally read dragons or high fantasy but this came strongly recommended, for which I am glad Lovely characters in a vividly drawn, well constructed world about which I d be glad to readSethan and Cayc s story please There was a real sense of melancholy about Tarn s endless existence and need for love And even though the romantic conflict hinged on co

  7. M M says:

    Well, that was properly fantastic Durreson has written a remarkable fantasy novel filled with all the best fantasy tropes magic, dragons, gods, warrior priestesses, epic battles, etc All set against the backdrop of a richly detailed world with distinct cultures and histories The protagonist is a powerful Dragon called Tarn who awakes from a thousand year sleep

  8. John The Cosmic Wanderer John The Cosmic Wanderer says:

    This book has been sitting in my reader since January and I do not know why I ignored it I m a huge fan of the fantasy genre and mixed with m m romance makes this book perfect for me Fantastic world building Great characters I hope there is going to beof the gay dragons 5 Sparkling Stars

  9. M& M& says:

    The book started so well, with dragons and desert spirits and old lore it promised a grand adventure The Dragon King wakes from his slumber and sets out on a quest We learn ancient history of this world We travel to remnants of the ancient kingdom We meet new characters as Dragon King joins a caravan to cross into a desert We stumble upon a victim of a vicious at

  10. Christina Christina says:

    3.5 StarsThis was a fun and lighthearted fantasy Tarnamell Tarn , king of the ancient dragons, wakes after being asleep for over a thousand years The Shadow is defeated, but not without loss Friends, lovers, and soldiers have long passed Tarn finds himself lonely He seeks out to learnof this new world and to gather a new hoard This is where he meets the desert spi

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