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Reborn: Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1963 I intend to do everythingto have one way of evaluating experience does it cause me pleasure or pain, and I shall be very cautious about rejecting the painful I shall anticipate pleasure everywhere and find it too, for it is everywhere I shall involve myself whollyeverything matters So wrote Susan Sontag in Mayat the age of sixteen This, the first of three volumes of her journals and notebooks, presents a constantly and utterly surprising record of a great mind in incubation It begins with journal entries and early attempts at fiction from her years as a university and graduate student, and ends in , when she was becoming a participant in and observer of the artistic and intellectual life of New York CityReborn is a kaleidoscopic self portrait of one of America s greatest writers and intellectuals, teeming with Sontag s voracious curiosity and appetite for life We watch the young Sontag s complex self awareness, share in her encounters with the writers who informed her thinking, and engage with the profound challenge of writing itself all filtered through the inimitable detail of everyday circumstance

10 thoughts on “Reborn: Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1963

  1. Michael Michael says:

    The first of three volumes of Susan Sontag s diary, Reborn Journals and Notebooks, 1947 1963 charts the development of a sharp intellect The volume follows the famous writer from her beginnings at the University of California Berkeley as a precocious sixteen year old undergraduate student to the time of her first novel s publication Reading lists, story ideas, and aesthetic judgments on film, li

  2. sheena d. sheena d. says:

    What an important book to read when your life is a mess.

  3. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    I can t imagine Susan Sontag as a young person because I ve always encountered her as the staggering, cultured to the umpteenth degree uber cosmopolitan critic that she is in her essays It s hard to imagine someone like that ever being a kid The journals in Reborn start when she s fourteen and she s alreadycomplicated, moody, and painfully self conscious than most people four times her age You don t rea

  4. James Murphy James Murphy says:

    This is the first of three planned volumes of Sontag s journals, edited by her son David Rieff This volume covers the young and precocious Sontag from age 14 to 30 It s a period of learning for her though she already appears learned.The early entries are about 2 primary awakenings First is a blossoming intellectual strength through studies at Berkeley, Oxford and the Sorbonne followed by a return to the U S

  5. Andrew Andrew says:

    As I read Susan Sontag s journals, I thought, as is I think kind of inevitable, where I was in my late teens and early 20s, when Sontag was off cavorting with geniuses in Paris and reading dense German romantic epic poems in the original Let s face it, I was probably ripping a bong in an attic.Sontag s journals, fractured as they are, are a remarkably portrait of the inner thoughts of one of the 20th Century s

  6. Jesse Jesse says:

    Three years ago The Guardian ran some excerpts from an upcoming edition of Susan Sontag s journals, and despite being at that time littleto me than a massive literary reputation, I was dazzled by her penetrating, often brutal self dissection of her own personality and intellect I even dared think I recognized a sensibility shockingly similar to my own Fast forward through several years and the journals, a compilati

  7. l. l. says:

    I am not myself with people but am I myself when alone That seems unlikely, too When reflecting on Kafka s diaries, Sontag rightly writes that Kafka has that magic of actuality in even the most dislocated phrase that no other modern has, a kind of shiver and grinding blue ache in your teeth Sontag also praises the clarity and precision of Gide s diaries, remarking that she feels herself rapidly growing through reading

  8. Stefan Stefan says:

    This is the first thing I ve read by Sontag, and perhaps a strange place to start As reading enjoyment the beginning was the most compelling as Sontag undergoes swift changes in her intellectual landscape and social life Her endless list of books to read are all inspiring and act as doorways to other people to check out Kafka s diaries, Gide The latter part is a littlescattered, but still filled with interesting and often

  9. El El says:

    I read The Volcano Lover A Romance a while back and seem to remember enjoying it, or at least not hating it I meant to readSontag at that time, but then as typical I got distracted by something else But then I came across this in the store, flipped through it, and fell in love.I love journals My own, artist s journals, writer s journals, your journal, whatever If I m given permission, I ll read it But it s sort of a touchy thi

  10. cat cat says:

    Ironically, nearly my favorite part of Reborn Journals still, they contain much that I would have preferred not to know and not to have others know Reading her entries, he writ Ironically, nearly my favorite part of Reborn Journals Notebooks 1947 1963, edited by her son, David Rieff, is his painfully straightforward preface to the book The NYTimes review captures the tone of it perfectly in this quote All but visibly wincing, he s

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