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Return Of The Witch this was much better now I can t wait for the next book. AWESOME book Completely redeemed the series, especially since I was not happy with how the previous book ended Great read Really enjoyed this series. Return of the Witch book 9Awesome wonderful read I loved this book, the plot and entire story line Would recommend to all who love reading Finally read the long awaited 9th book in the Tony Marcella series It s a great read and full of the twists and turns that keep you reading like the other books in the series It leaves us on a cliff hanger that keeps us anxiously awaiting book 10. Bookin the Detective Marcella Witch s series The Guardians of Four, keepers of Earth s elements and the prime essentials of witchcraft, are disappearing under strange circumstances Have they succumbed to a prophetical reality, or merely perpetrated the best internet hoax in recent memory Either scenario could trigger a battle for control over the fifth element, the quintessential, and the possible survival of every witch on the planetThere s a fine line between practical magick and true mastery over the quintessential Crossing that line requires the mettle of conviction, a declaration of attitude and the heart of a pentacle prodigy Not one of the three will do A good witch knows that A bad witch doesn t carePg count

About the Author: Dana E. Donovan

Dana Donovan grew up in New England where folklore and superstitions can mold a town s history as much as its people He exploits that phenomenon in all his books, perpetuating the enigma of small town life and the belief in all that dies is not dead.

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