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Rider of Garuda Even as Jarasandha s virulent attacks continue unabated, the Lord of Dwarka must ensure the safety of his subjects and uphold the dignity of his title in the seventh book of the Krishna Coriolis SeriesNewly married and seeking only to dwell in peace, Krishna is shaken when he learns that his greatest challenge still awaits him With the help of powerful forces, Jarasandha has summoned Narakasura, the demon lord of hell himself Tens of thousands of mortal women fall prey to this new menace, even as Krishna is forced to defend his honour and go on the most pointless quest imaginable the search for a missing jewel Krishna finally assumes his true form as the master of the great and powerful Garuda and prepares to rid the world of evil, once and for all

About the Author: Ashok K. Banker

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10 thoughts on “Rider of Garuda

  1. E P E P says:

    Six books of developing the character, and now he s gone and done a complete about face I m sure the reasons will be revealed later, but prepare yourself to meet a Krishna you can bare

  2. Vishal Mehta Vishal Mehta says:

    Banker s fast and free flowing narrative drew me in and held my attention to the end A thoroughly enjoyable reading experience.

  3. Arun Divakar Arun Divakar says:

    Ever since Krishna rids the world of the evil of his uncle Kamsa, a threat has been looming in the form of Jarasandha the emperor of Magadha Ashok Banker has been handling this rising evil and Krish

  4. Vinay Keerthi Vinay Keerthi says:

    Read this at a stretch I can t wait for the last installment I m a little miffed that the series ignores Jambavathi, it could have been muchdetailed Satyabhama getsairtime in the next book I guess, what wi

  5. Pradeep S Pradeep S says:

    7th book of Krishna Coriolis shows that the expressions meant for mortal beings are also applied for the immirtals Another amazing one in the series A very good feast for the soul.

  6. Gauri Sharma Gauri Sharma says:

    I really liked it.Cant wait for the next book.

  7. Hamsa N Hamsa N says:

    Ashok Banker scripts each one of his books with an absolute ability to intrigue his readers Can t wait for the next one

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