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Song Of The Spine The human spine with its primary and secondary curves looks like a standing wave Is it possible, asks the author, that energy echoes like a standing wave between these curves in order to maintain the structural and neural integrity of the spine and nervous system That question led Dr Wieder into research on the resonance of the spine Her studies reveal that each bone of the spine has its own tone and frequency, and that applying specific vibrational frequencies directly to the vertebrae generates a sympathetic response that activates the embedded harmonics that help maintain healthy functioning This book provides an overview of the history of harmonic healing from ancient times to the present, and chapters on how sound creates form and the neurobiological basis of vibrational healing But the core of the book is about a vibrational therapy called bone toning, how it was developed and how it can be applied.

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  1. Sonic Catharsis Sonic Catharsis says:

    Wieder take us on s brief journey through this history of sound healing, followed a tiny look at a few instruments used in sound healing practices She describes the ideas of sympathetic resonance and entrainment in an easily digestible fashion She discusses concepts of chanting and overtones in a way that is extremely approachable to the average

  2. Kevin Garner Kevin Garner says:

    For a non medical, non chiropractic reader who is merely curious, I found this book to be fascinating The writer shares the historical, macro cosmic, and micro cosmic significance of sound The writer also explains her findings on sound vibrational therapy as it relates to the spine There are some eerily convenient correlations in her findings whe

  3. Spider Goddess Spider Goddess says:

    This book was highly disappointing, even for all the information that was contained within it The author claims to have found the song of the spine, the frequencies that ring true in alignment for each of the vertabrae However, she fails to go into the story at any length, other than to anecdotally mention her studies.The author goes into the soun

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