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Sport and Exercise Psychology: The Key Concepts Psychology is an integral element of sport today, from the applied techniques of coaches and athletes, to the socio psychological behaviour of sport fans Sport and Exercise Psychology The Key Concepts offers an introductory guide to the vocabulary of sport psychology, to its central theories and most important avenues of research, and to its application in sports performance Modern and historical illustrations are used throughout the text, while an extensive bibliography and index ensure that the book is an indispensable research tool for any student of sport psychology

About the Author: Ellis Cashmore

Professor Ellis Cash is visiting professor of sociology at Aston University, in Birmingham, England He was formerly a professor of culture, media and sport at Staffordshire University s Faculty of Health Sciences, which he joined in 1993 Before this, he was professor of sociology at the University of Tampa, Florida and, before this, lecturer in sociology at the University of Hong Kong Cash s Elizabeth Taylor A Private Life for Public Consumption is published by Bloomsbury Among his other recent books are Beyond Black Celebrity and race in Obama s America, and Martin Scorsese s America His Celebrity Culture is in its second edition.

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  1. Karena Karena says:

    This is a collection of key terms in the field It s good for browsing and as an introduction if you are a student in the field, but if you are like me who is not studying, then its format is a little too formal Some good stuff is to be found in it, however, as it uses specific athletes as examples Lance Armstrong, Cassius Clay.

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