Sue Ellen's Girl Ain't Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy: The

Sue Ellen's Girl Ain't Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy: The Belle of All Things Southern Dishes on Men, Money, and Not Losing Your Midlife Mind The bestselling author of Suck Your Stomach In Put Some Color Onreturns with helpful how to s and keen observations from Dixie Guided by principles from the ancient Belle Doctrine, the host of radio and television s All Things Southern offers down home advice on everything from health and fitness managing thy caloric calculations without going Straight Running Crazy and surviving the Raging Inferno Syndrome aka hot flashes to the Southern art of handling your man Bubba Whispering Whether giving business tips or debunking the Big Boned Theory, making political observations or celebrating the inevitable resurgence of big hair, Shellie is an adviser women can relate to and laugh with regardless of their age or which side of the Mason Dixon they call home

About the Author: Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

I fell in love with storytelling as a child when my paternal grandmother regaled us with stories of what it was like to come to Louisiana from the hills of Appalachia and set up house in a tent with a dirt floor On the other side of the family tree, my paternal grandfather, a people loving preacher, was known for using humor to draw his listeners to Jesus It s safe to say the two of them marked me Whether in my books, speaking before audiences, or dropping a segment on my All Things Southern podcast, I love nothingthan helping hungry hearts feast on Jesus through humor and storytelling ShellieShellie Rushing Tomlinson lives in Lake Providence, Louisiana with her husband, Phil They have two children and five, going on six, grandchildren

10 thoughts on “Sue Ellen's Girl Ain't Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy: The Belle of All Things Southern Dishes on Men, Money, and Not Losing Your Midlife Mind

  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    When I saw that this book had advance praise from Jeff Foxworthy, yes I m a closet Foxworthy fan, I had to request this laugh out loud book From the start I was laughing out loud and since my children and husband weren t privy to what I was reading they thought I was laughing at them I am not a Southerner by birth, but in heritage and heart I am a Southern gal yes I say ain t and ya ll and sometimes a warsh slips out instead of wash.Reading Shellie s newest book w

  2. Theresa Theresa says:

    This book is absolutely laugh out loud FUNNY I was born in the Midwest and lived there 12 years, moved to the South and lived there for 12 years, and moved back to the Midwest 20 years ago, so I consider myself a transplanted southerner Not only did I live in the South, but my Nanny maternal Grandma was born and raised in West Virginia, so my upbringing was heavily influenced by a Southerner This book brought a smile to my face, laughter to my lips and tears to my eyes i

  3. Carly Carly says:

    I was born and raised in the north, but for the past decade, I have been a southern girl After I moved to North Carolina, I felt like I had finally come home and I love all things southern I could not wait to read Sue Ellen s Girl Ain t Fat I always enjoy reading books full of that southern wit and wisdom that just can t be found anywhere else Shellie Tomlinson is a delightful Southern belle with a terrific sense of humor and a strong sense of who she is She passes that wisdom

  4. Laura Laura says:

    Title SUE ELLEN S GIRL AIN T FAT, SHE JUST WEIGHS HEAVYAuthor Shellie Rushing TomlinsonPublisher PenguinMay 2011ISBN 978 0 425 24085 4Genre Self helpGuided by principles by the ancient Belle Doctrine, Shellie talks about everything from health and fitness managing the caloric calculations without going Straight Running Crazy and surviving the Raging Inferno Syndromo to the fine Southern art of managing your man Complete with input from Shellie s reader and fan base, and topped off wit

  5. Ibjoy1953 Hannabass Ibjoy1953 Hannabass says:

    My ReviewThis is my first book by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson and I was in for a surprise Shellie is the creator of All Things Southern, and strives to give everyone tips and lessons on the southern life Being a southerner, I appreciated her efforts and could identify with some of her sayings She just has such a extremely funny way to teaching I have to say the same as Jeff Foxworthy s quote on the front of the book, It is truly a Laugh Out Loud book Shellie covers many topics in this book inc

  6. Meg Hykes Meg Hykes says:

    Can I just start off by saying in my most Rapunzel voice from Tangled BEST BOOK EVER The side notes Official Guide to Speaking All Things Southern had me literally laughing out loud No joke my husband band me from reading it in bed at night because I was keeping him up Shellie has an amazing way of telling the truth about life that keeps you rolling in laughter From the very beginning of the book I felt like I could sit down with her, have a glass of sweet tea and laugh for hours No Can I just star

  7. Kay Kay says:

    Enjoying this one so much that I m rationing the final chapters, so as to extend much needed laughing aloud moments Shellie s unique story telling talent translates into her writing perfectly So glad I ve heard her voice it seems to arrive on the page with the perfect inflection on each sentence Also appreciating the collection of phrases and anecdotes They are generating forgotten childhood memories, causing a desire to go back home and capture stories time for a cousins reunion befor Enjoying this one s

  8. Wall-to-wall books - wendy Wall-to-wall books - wendy says:

    This book is absolutely hilarious Laugh out loud tears down your face funny At one point I found myself laughing so hard with tears running down my face that I couldn t hardly answer the phone when it rang Then I started telling the person on the other end of the line all about the book The big question is How did I miss the first book Suck Your Stomach In Put Some Color On Now I am gonna have to look that one up Ladies and I say ladies because men just can t appreciate this kind of This book is absolutely hilar

  9. Liz Butler Liz Butler says:

    How I wish I could give a book NO stars I don t even know where to begin I believe this might be the very first time maybe second that I have abandoned a book before actually finishing it I m currently on page 69 and I can t bring myself to continue reading I just CAN T do it, and not for lack of trying Annoying is the word that comes to mind Well, annoying and irritating and unbearable I currently live in the South, and have lived in the South for quite a few years now, and I have yet How I wish I could give a book NO

  10. Laura Murdoch Laura Murdoch says:

    Shellie Tomlinson is the Erma Bombeck of the South If you ve ever lived in the South or even wanted to live in the South you ll laugh out loud at some of the eccentricities Southerners have that Shellie brings to light She s spot on with some of the quirky Southern behavior Cute book.

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