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Sweet Thursday In Monterey, on the California coast, Sweet Thursday is what they call the day after Lousy Wednesday, which is one of those days that are just naturally bad Returning to the scene of Cannery Row, the weedy lots and junk heaps and flophouses of Monterey, John Steinbeck once brings to life the denizens of a netherworld of laughter and tears from Fauna, new headmistress of the local brothel, to Hazel, a bum whose mother must have wanted a daughter

About the Author: John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck III was an American writer He wrote the Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Grapes of Wrath, published in 1939 and the novella Of Mice and Men, published in 1937 In all, he wrote twenty five books, including sixteen novels, six non fiction books and several collections of short stories In 1962 Steinbeck received the Nobel Prize for Literature.Steinbeck grew up in the Salinas Valley region of California, a culturally diverse place of rich migratory and immigrant history This upbringing imparted a regionalistic flavor to his writing, giving many of his works a distinct sense of place Steinbeck moved briefly to New York City, but soon returned home to California to begin his career as a writer Most of his earlier work dealt with subjects familiar to him from his formative years An exception was his first novel Cup of Gold which concerns the pirate Henry Morgan, whose adventures had captured Steinbeck s imagination as a child.In his subsequent novels, Steinbeck found aauthentic voice by drawing upon direct memories of his life in California Later he used real historical conditions and events in the first half of 20th century America, which he had experienced first hand as a reporter Steinbeck often populated his stories with struggling characters his works examined the lives of the working class and migrant workers during the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression His later body of work reflected his wide range of interests, including marine biology, politics, religion, history, and mythology One of his last published works was Travels with Charley, a travelogue of a road trip he took in 1960 to rediscover America He died in 1968 in New York of a heart attack and his ashes are interred in Salinas.Seventeen of his works, including The Grapes of Wrath 1940 , Cannery Row 1945 , The Pearl 1947 , and East of Eden 1952 , went on to become Hollywood films, and Steinbeck also achieved success as a Hollywood writer, receiving an Academy Award nomination for Best Story in 1944 for Alfred Hitchcock s Lifeboat.

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  1. Brina Brina says:

    Over the course of this year I have discovered an appreciation for American master story tellers I have noted in reviews that some of the books assigned to high school children may not be age appropriate and that one gets a deeper appreciation for some of these books by reading them through adult ey

  2. Lisa Lisa says:

    Dear Mack and the boys in Palace Flophouse I can t tell you how grateful I am for the advice you gave the author in the prologue You were entirely right, and helped him write a masterpiece After all, who would know better than you how to describe the intricate balance of talk, action and hooptedoodle, and ch

  3. Dolors Dolors says:

    The War is over and life seems to go back to normal in Cannery Row Mack and the boys return to their feisty drinking at the Palace Flophouse and Fauna and the girls recover their usual business at the Bear Flag Companionship and good cheer, camaraderie and the right dose of picaresque reign over the marginalized neig

  4. Lawyer Lawyer says:

    Sweet Thursday Cannery Row ReduxThe world is so full of a number of things, I m sure we should all be as happy as kings Happy Thought, from a Child s Garden of Verse, Robert Louis SteversonIf you love the works of John Steinbeck as I do, it does not matter whether the critics have labeled one of his novels among his major nov

  5. Jason Koivu Jason Koivu says:

    I was in Monterey quite recently and even visited the Steinbeck house in Salinas, so I thought it would be a damn good time to read another Steinbeck As per usual, it was a really good read and as per usual, I was right But then again, it s always a good time to read Steinbeck Having said that, I do worry every time I read one of his

  6. Ray Ray says:

    A book that is a love story on three levels We have the love that Mack, Hazel and the gang feel for Doc, their friend and mentor They want to set him up with a home, a girl and a microscope don t ask , and almost but not quite get it right.We have the slow burn love affair between Suzy and Doc From totally different backgrounds, repelled and a

  7. Joe Valdez Joe Valdez says:

    Published in 1954, John Steinbeck s sequel to Cannery Row arrived nine years after its predecessor and directly followed the monumental world building of East of Eden This might explain why Sweet Thursday is on muchsober footing than Steinbeck s previous literary excursions to Monterey, California rather than loosely connected vignettes connected to a

  8. Kim Kim says:

    Since listening to an audiobook edition of Cannery Row earlier this year and falling in love with both the characters and Steinbeck s writing, I ve looked forward to reading this sequel It s set about ten years after the events of Cannery Row Doc has returned from army service to his work at the Western Biological Laboratory and finds himself unsatisfied and de

  9. J.K. Grice J.K. Grice says:

    A good companion piece to CANNERY ROW I enjoyed this book.

  10. Miriam Miriam says:

    The second time this book has caught me by surprise He s got a very I wanna say astute, but it s something else He just keeps gettin like GOTCHA me Steinbeck has a voice I can tune in to It s weird, like how singing voices resonate whether I like the music or not, styles of writing they either rattle your bones, or it s nothing Just a story Words completely randomly and inelegan

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