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Caring for a vampire is a dirty job, but Georgia Sutherland is just the woman to do it As the go to gal for her recovering master, she has everything a girl can dream of except for the man that she loves, Ren Still, Georgia refuses to give up hope For a chance at bliss, she s willing to risk rekindling her relationship with a rival vampire familyMeanwhile, halfway across the country, Paige DeMarco has given up her old name and her old life, and finally found a man worth her time Unfortunately for her, werewolf relationships aren t as simple as she hoped, especially when her vampire ex rolls into townBoth women have to face the facts once you get involved with vampires, life becomes complicated As their lives intertwine, ghosts of the past rise up to haunt them The only question is, can there ever be a happily ever after for those entangled with the undying Ten

About the Author: R.E. Carr

R E Carr likes to split her time between the alien well, resident alien she married, her two adorable offspring and the vast army of characters who constantly argue in her brain She uses her past life as a video game reviewer to remind herself just how awesome it is to be writing novels now.Rachel writes because she knows so many people and places that never quite made it into this version of the universe It s her duty to let them out Writing also gives her mind a certain peace and calm rarely felt in this multi tasking, wired world.

10 thoughts on “Ten

  1. Llaph Llaph says:

    This series is great It is inventive, humorous, scary, full of twisties you don t expect, and all around a great read I ve been taking it slow untilbooks come out I couldn t stand the wait until the next book and want my instant gratification.

  2. Walter Pavlik Walter Pavlik says:

    In book 3 of the Rules Undying trilogy wait, it s a series now, Alright Rachel brings together 4 and 6 Which added together make Ten, but Ten is also a plot point that moves us beyond just 4 and 6 Clever play on words, and trust me, you ll love it There s the reuniting of long lost friends and FAMILY People are double crossed and stabbed in the back metaphorically and in the front.Between the snappy dialog, rich descr

  3. Walter Pavlik Walter Pavlik says:

    Wow, what a ride Book 3 of Rules Undying series gets the whole gang together While Four taught us the 4 laws, and Six was the Six werewolves, Ten works almost all the characters Carr has introduced us to into a tumultious climax of family drama gone legendarily supernatural While there are a few times the back and forth between the Georgia Paige teams was confusing, it all did the part to keep you reading this page turne

  4. Cindy Cindy says:

    Well now our two stories combine and Paige and Georgiana meet It s not surprising that the ultimate goals for these two characters converge and we also see them ultimately merge into a combined group.Once again, I have to say that the combination of Arthurian legend and this paranormal world is done so well and seems to make sense I am blown away by this world.

  5. Pandora Pandora says:

    Loved the seriesI ve really loved this series I know this book hasn t got the same love as the first two but I actually liked the back and forth between Paige and Georgia I liked that I couldn t figure out what was Merlin s plan even though clues were everywhere I read all three books in two days and hoping there iscouldn t put them down.

  6. Robert Maneer Robert Maneer says:

    Best book of the series Combining both main characters in this book was a great idea The book was very interesting and entertaining I thoroughly enjoyed it

  7. Mike Helas Mike Helas says:

    AwesomeThis series keeps getting better and better as it goes on i just cant put it down the action and twists along the way just keep you enthralled

  8. Charlie Charlie says:

    WellDidn t see That coming Sorta Complicated plotlines and characters are my faves and they abound in this series Starting next book immediately.

  9. Samantha Samantha says:

    Couldn t put this down This series has been so addictive that I joined kindle unlimited again LOVE LOVE LOVE R.E CarrCan t write muchtimes a wasting I ve got to go start Point One Five

  10. Heather Russell Heather Russell says:

    I absolutely loved this book and found it extremely hard time putting it down When you know vampires.You just know something big is going to happen This is the case with Georgia Sutherland and Paige DeMarco While Ren is still looking for a cure, Georgia keeps up hope that there is something that can be done to save him When Ren goes away for a treatment Georgia still has to care for her recovering Vampire master Paige DeMarco has everything

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