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The Act Of Laughing Evan Barnes and his wife Audrey have just moved into their dream home, located in the exclusive gated community of Blackwell Estates As they begin to delve deeper into the lives of their strange and somewhat eccentric neighbors, however, dark secrets will be uncovered that will quickly transform their dream into an unimaginable nightmare

10 thoughts on “The Act Of Laughing

  1. Beccie Beccie says:

    So my coworker wrote this and I downloaded it a year ago I was a little apprehensive to read it, cause ya know what if it sucked I will say this story is really fucked up but that being said it hooked me from page one The writing is really well done and it thouroghly surprised me Thrillers are a genre that i only get into once in awhile so that was another surprise I can t find it onany so he might have taken it down which is a shame cause if you like thrillers this is a really So my cowork

  2. Jackie Jackie says:

    This book is well written and quite beliveable Horror is not my thing but this book held my interest and the ending was well thought out My only complaint was the graphic sex and gore but it was very short lived.

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