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The Angels of Ephesus Some people experience a life changing epiphany They find themselves touched on a fundamental level by thoughts and ideas that they never imagined would appeal to them, and they come to see themselves in a new context They feel like they were touched by an angel Thousands of women find themselves irresistibly drawn to ideas known as Domestic Discipline where the relationship power is exchanged and the woman happily submits to the authority of her often hesitant male partner It goes against everything they have been brought up to think, and yet it feels so right to them Its appeal is completely impossible to ignore for the bewildered traveler in life They dabble and are drawn to the unknown abyss Domestic Discipline is a true grass roots movement of average people who would rarely identify with the fetish or BDSM subcultures that have been shifting powers in relationships for centuries Understanding is cumbersome, and we frequently choose the easier path of ignoring or condemning as evil what we do not understand That is, until the angel takes us by the hand and leads us forward In this story, the angels are from Ephesus and the heroes and heroines are those brave or foolish enough to follow Our heroines, Corinne and Rachel, are brave indeed Their heels are high Their corsets are tight Their submission is deep Are they restrained or liberated

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