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The Assassin's Apprentice Fandom A Song of Ice and FireRelationship Jaqen H ghar Arya Stark Arya Stark has the potential to become great within her order, if only she can let go of the past Some things are easier said than done Jaqen H ghar is her most trusted mentor Will his guidance help her leave her hurts behind and rise through the ranks or will he steer her down a path of self discovery

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  1. Halle Halle says:

    Without a doubt the greatest piece of writing I ve come across on the Internet I spent the last week fervently reading and obsessing over this story I had little sleep, I read at work ain t sorry , I missed meals I barely did anything other than read TAA It was on my mind constantly, and I feel myself itching to reread it already If anything shou

  2. ♀ ☾ ✧ the dragon queen ✧ ☾ ♀ ♀ ☾ ✧ the dragon queen ✧ ☾ ♀ says:

    ummmm is this the best book i ve ever read biTCH IT MIGHT AS WELL BEi have zero 0 words to express how fucking mind blowingly incredible this book isF U C K M E U P 1

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