The Betweenness of Place: Towards a Geography of Modernity

Read this book for a geography course I did in SMU, it was a pretty interesting book that definitely helped me understand the course contentHowever, it was a decently dry read. What makes New York City different from Moscow Are small towns looking and alike What criteria should we use to distinguish onw place from another Today, geographers and other social scientists are debating not only the answers to these sorts of questions but even whether or not to ask them at all This ongoing controversy about how or whether to study place and its meaning in modern life forms the focus of J Nicholas Entrikin s pioneering work Those who point to a decline in the study of place in geography, Entrikin explains, cite three main causes the apparent homogenization of world culture the belief that studying particular places is somehow parochial and the tendency of the scientific method to generalize Entrikin treats each of these in turn, addressing topics that include the Marxist view of a world economy, the moral implications of place in such notions as community and provincialism , and the empiricist versus neo Kantian traditions in philosophyTo geographers arguing the merits of hard, scientific data versus subjective experience, Entrikin offers a compromise To understand place , he suggests, requires that we have access to both an objective and a subjective reality From the decentered vantage point of the theoretical scientist, place becomes either location or a set of generic relations and loses much of its significance for human action From the centered viewpoint of the subjective self, place has meaning only in relation to one s own goals and concerns Place is best viewed from points in between The Betweenness of Place: Towards a Geography of Modernity

About the Author: J. Nicholas Entrikin

J Nicholas Entrikin is Vice President and Associate Provost for Internationalization at the University of Notre Dame.

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