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The Bigger They Are A collection of five erotic stories about well endowed men and the women who can t resist their special gifts Charlie Co is about a young lawyer named Jimmy who begins a juicy affair with the hot young wife of his father s business partner Welcome to the Family is the story of Lanie Shine, a young woman who is dissatisfied with her handsome but vain husband, until she discovers that her husband s father has some impressive equipment and is much skilled at satisfying women The Frat Party is about Allie Miller, a straight laced eighteen year old co ed who goes out to a wild frat party for the first time and experiences anonymous sex with two men on the same night David and his young wife Jo visit Tony s Sex Emporium to buy a particular sex toy so she can learn to deepthroat her newest client But when they meet Tony and his unusually large member, he teaches her than she could ever learn from a simple toy Maggie is The Intern, and she s concerned with the size of her breasts She fears that they make her look freakish, until the day that she volunteers at the Veteran s clinic and meets a young soldier with an equally freakish quality

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