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The Bitter End It s holiday time in Westdale a time when some people bury the hatchet while others bury the hatchet in your back When the mother of the groom dies during a high profile wedding that joins two rival families, it s up to amateur sleuth Kit Wilder and her boyfriend, dreamy Detective Romeo Moretti, to identify the culprit before all out war is declared in Westdale Saints Strangers Cozy Mystery series BookA Dead End BookThe Deep End BookThe Bitter End

10 thoughts on “The Bitter End

  1. Maggie Maggie says:

    Arrgh Angry at detective boyfriend for not illegally sharing details of the case and that escalates She becameself centered and immature as the books went on The author writes as though we re supposed to think this is standing up for herself No My rankings are generous point wise they wrote and published a book not full of errors.

  2. Aditi Aditi says:

    Unfortunately I was again guessing at correctly about what had happened in this book, rather transpired to lead to the murder The fight between Romeo and Kit felt forced, the whole interaction between Kit and Owen felt forced, maybe to signify an end to her previous life and her moving on I am not sure, it would make sense for her to switch her major to Crimin

  3. Laura Beauregard Laura Beauregard says:

    Best series of them allI am devastated the author stopped this series I have read all her booksand love them all But this series is the best, hands down The situation and setting is unique Don t get me wrong, her paranormal cozy mysteries are greatBut a dime a dozen The characters here are well developed, fun, humorous and oddly relatable It reminds me a bit of

  4. Alisha Henri Alisha Henri says:

    Funny and Puzzling Right to The Bitter End Having read the two previous books in this series, I m delighted to say that this one is as entertaining The continued character development is charming, and the humorous interactions so rea istic that I felt an observer participating in life with them Again, the death s resolution was a surprise, and there were happy e

  5. Sally Rice Seifert Sally Rice Seifert says:

    I loved this series The banter between the characters is hilarious Great mystery read and not too long of a book If you want to relax and read just a fun series, this is a great one to read Thanks to the authors.

  6. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    This actually has the potential for a good series, by the time you get to the end of book 3 There were moments when I just got to frustrated with Kit and her behavior but it all works out well enough in the end as well it should in this type of cozy mystery.

  7. Siobhan Henn Siobhan Henn says:

    I read all three in one go and Kit Romeo are keeping me very engaged I loved the mystery and the depth to Kit and other characters Bring on Charlie was a great and suprising addition, I loved the reformed aspect I read all three in one go and Kit Romeo are keeping me very engaged I loved the mystery and the depth to Kit and other characters Bring on Charlie was a g

  8. Alicia Williams Alicia Williams says:

    I really hate romances where the couple is separated the entire book It s even worse when they make up at the very end and spend no time together This is that book Good mystery otherwise, but similarly unrelatable first world rich people problems.

  9. Kelly Whitt Kelly Whitt says:

    Fun book set back in Westdale with the same cast of characters as the previous two books Only now a marriage between two prominent but feuding families leads to a murder If a story about a murder can be delightful, this one is.

  10. Kim Kim says:

    Another Great One This was another GREAT one in the series It will keep you guessing who done it until, The Bitter End Thanks Keeley for another WONDERFUL book

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