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The Bookstore Ghost What an adorable, funny, nonscary little book! There is a cat, there are micebut is there a ghost in the bookstore? A store dedicated to selling ghost stories!!! Cute story Shares a fun way of being creative and a bit of problem solving skills to deal with the mice in the bookstore. Very cute mystery for the beginningtoread bunch! This is an entertaining story, one of three Bookstore books by Barbara Maitland All of the stories in the series are short and entertaining with colorful illustrations and would be perfect for beginning readers This tale explains the origins of the Bookstore's ghosts We enjoyed reading this book together. A very fun read with a spooktacular twist. They said it was a ghost but it was really a mouse, which is not what I expected He liked cats He liked cheese And he had cheese And he bought a cat Then the cat liked cheese And he likes scary stories. This easytoread ghost story is just the thing for future mystery lovers Mr Brown has a bookstore full of spooky ghost books But even though he has a cat, he also has mice in his store No customers will come in, and Mr Brown gives his cat an order: Get rid of the miceor else Mr Brown's ingenious and kindhearted cat comes up with a spectacular plan that just might workwith a little help from some ghostmice The text in this funny mystery is lively, and the big, fullcolor pictures by popular illustrator Nadine Bernard Westcott are sweetly amusing and sly For Halloween or any time, this is a great beginning reader for kids who love ghost stories Barbara Maitland is the author of The Bear Who Didn't Like Honey Nadine Bernard Westcott is the creator of over thirty picture books; she also designs a popular line of greeting cards Mr.Brown liked three things: ghost books, cheese and black cat.He will soon like the fourth thing, mice. I like wen the cat said, I have a plan.

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