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The Charmer in Chaps A Texas Prince Meets His Match Cimarron County knows the youngest son of the fabled Prince family as a womanizing hell raiser, but Luca has changed and he intends to prove it There s just one problem a woman with sparkling eyes and fight than a barnyard cat After a childhood of living in foster homes, Ella Kendall has exactly three things to her name a dog, a pig, and the rundown house she just inherited Luca may not remember her from high school, but she definitely remembers him He is as seductive as he was then, but Ella isn t about to fall for his flirting She recognizes a playboy cowboy when she sees one Luca knows Ella has learned the hard way to trust no one but herself Yet the closer he gets to Ella, the he wants to be the only one she leans on Because Ella is the only woman for him, and he wants to be the man who finally gives her the home she truly deserves

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  1. Astrid - The Bookish Sweet Tooth Astrid - The Bookish Sweet Tooth says:

    TITLE THE CHARMER IN CHAPSAUTHOR Julia LondonSERIES Princes of Texas 1RELEASE DATE May 7 2019GENRE Contemporary RomanceTROPES Cowboys, Rich Guy Poor Girl, FORMAT audiobookNARRATORS Tieran WilderLENGTH 10 hrs and 5 mins RATING 4.5 STARSCLIFFHANGER NoREAD MY REVIEW ON THE BLOGTieran Wilder does an incredible job narrating this audiobook I loved the Texas drawl she had for all the characters and how she did the male voices With that out of t

  2. Karen Karen says:

    3.5 STARSThis one was enjoyable Nothing out of the ordinary A take off on a Cinderella story Sweet HEA Listened to this on audio Excellent narration 3.5 STARSThis one was enjoyable Nothing out of the ordinary A take off on a Cinderella story Sweet HEA Listened to this on audio Excellent narration

  3. Chris C - A Midlife Wife Chris C - A Midlife Wife says:

    Aww what a great story The story has a lot of similar attributes that we see in a rich cowboy scenario One of them is the girl next door.After meeting in high school, Ella developed a man size crush on Luca that never faded When opportunity came knocking for her to have her own home that happened to be a neighboring lands with the Prince family, she dreaded running into Luca.Shy and unassuming, Ella is definitely not one to stand out in a crowd Whe

  4. Stacee Stacee says:

    I had read several of Julia s highlander books, so I was pretty intrigued at what a cowboy story from her would look like I loved Ella and Luca They re both genuinely good people andalike then they know I enjoyed their playfulness and their conversations and how the relationship grew into somethingnaturally There s a pretty good base of characters here and some of them stole the show Grandma Dolly, I m looking at you Hopefully we ll get to seeof them in

  5. Ann Lorz Ann Lorz says:

    Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog was kinda excited about this new series by Julia London It looked slightly different than her usual stuff so I couldn t wait to try it I was hard pressed to remember if she s written about a cowboy before I d have to go look Since I love me a good cowboy, I jumped right in As I mentioned, The Charmer in Chaps is the first book in the Princes of Texas series I think the author did a wonderful job of setting u Reviewed f

  6. 1-Click Addict Support Group 1-Click Addict Support Group says:

    Sweet, dysfunctional, small town romance Ah, the quiet and loudness of a small town is on full display in the first of the Prince family stories Do you know what I mean Small towns with homes spread far and wide, a downtown of one full block and people going about their business, quietly But open a few doors and you find that people are people critical, loving, supportive, and oh so dysfunctional Including the Princes Luca is the baby of his wealthy family A bit

  7. Beth Beth says:

    The Charmer in Chaps is a sweet and endearing romance that is sure to past the test of time.Ella is an accountant that has struggled with her beginnings in the foster care system She is pulled back to Cimarron County when she is told that her biological grandmother has left her her run down farm in her will Ella jumps at a chance to have something of her own and goes back to Cimarron, only to discover that the farm is inhabited by a rag tag collection of misfit animal

  8. Dorine Dorine says:

    THE CHARMER IN CHAPS is meet cute scrumptiousness, exactly how I love my romantic reading Lots of flirting and charm overload that made me laugh I needed this couple s happy ever after as much as they did Read the review in full color at my blog, Prince is clueless sometimes on how to woo a woman He slid by on his stunning good looks, a radiant smile, and extreme wealth, so much that he doesn t even realize he s pathetic But any guy who refers to a wo

  9. Barb Lie Barb Lie says:

    The Charmer in Chaps by Julia London is the first book in her new Princes in Texas series I loved reading this sweet romance, in a small western town, with some great characters.Ella Kendall, our heroine, returns to Three Rivers, Texas, after her grandmother died and left her a rundown house Ella, just barely makes ends meet, as she tries to findwork as an accountant Ella had a difficult childhood, moving from different foster homes, as her mother was in jail but before that sh

  10. ReadingInThe6ix ReadingInThe6ix says:

    This was bad..its really that simple.I ll start with Ella She was a pretty decent character and had an interesting backstory as a former foster kid, but then the author ruined her with how stupid she got around Luca She s supposed to be a tough, street smart, hardworking woman and she sees him and becomes this vapid, obsessed, tongue tied idiot Other than his good looks, I have no idea why she was interested in him It all just sounded like a weird high school crush that she wanted t

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