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The Children of Light What should a man do who discovers by accident a secret project of the government which can affect the whole future of mankind Should he be silent Or should he communicate his knowledge to the public, even if it means risking his freedom, even his life Simon Largwell is fleeing from the police A young girl helps him escape and joins him Both flee to a military exclusion zone They hope that the mined area will deter their pursuers But the dangers that lie behind the barbed wire are much greater than if they had just stepped on a mine The terrible secret of the innocent, but deadlyChildren of Light Filmed by Hammer as The Damned directed by Joseph Losey Starring Oliver Reed, Shirley Anne Field, MacDonald Carey, Viveca Lindfors, Alexander Knox

11 thoughts on “The Children of Light

  1. Rosa Rosa says:

    This was made into a remarkable movie, These Are the Damned. The book is quite different There is one very good moment in here.

  2. Henri Moreaux Henri Moreaux says:

    Set in 1960s England, The Children of Light starts with the screams of a dying woman, and a husband on the run and a rather action packed beginning as Simon Largwell proves himself every bit the amateur criminal as he bumbles his way out of the city and stumbles into the arms of a street urchin gang Only through sheer luck

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