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The Chimney Sweepers Boy This gifted author s ability to draw us so completely into her vividly realized, guilt ridden worlds that they seem to meld, seamlessly, with her own is what makes her one of the finest practitioners of her craft in the English speaking world Much honored around the world, but less well known here, she is a writer whose work should be read by anyone who enjoys brilliant mystery or distinguished literatureThis is the utterly absorbing story of best selling novelist Gerald Candless, whose sudden death from a heart attack leaves behind a wife and two doting duaghters To sort through her grief, one of his daughters, Sarah, decides to write a biography of her internationally celebrated father

10 thoughts on “The Chimney Sweepers Boy

  1. Carol Carol says:

    The surprise ending, or what Vine seems to have intended to be a surprise ending, is patently obvious even from glancing over the summary on the dust jacket And, geez, will you ever have a trip in front of you if you decide to take

  2. Ann Ann says:

    I m a huge Ruth Rendell fan, and I love her Barbara Vine persona novels the best.This one is classic Barbara Vine You know the mystery right away It s the way the mystery is solved and how the story unfolds that s intriguing You can see

  3. Josephine (Jo) Josephine (Jo) says:

    Finished 11th February 2009.This was a strange book Hard to put down I did not find a single character that I could feel true sympathy with, Gerald was arrogant and domineering I wanted to shake Ursula for being so submissive and accepting

  4. Barbara H Barbara H says:

    It was a pleasure to discover Barbara Vine s gifted narrative on the pages of this book It was no standard , typical plot mystery This complex tale is certainly character driven and what an interesting lot these people are Although it is not a

  5. Chana Chana says:

    I had read this before some years ago but somehow it ended up on my to be read shelf once again Following one of bookcrossings theme of the month threads, Jan was jobs and careers, I picked this one up and read it again I did not remember most of i

  6. Sue Sue says:

    Barbara Vine is rising to the top of my favorite authors list Her psychological suspense novels are all so individual, so very well written with wonderfully developed characters that I want to knowabout.after the novel has ended This novel is no except

  7. Marigold Marigold says:

    I re read this book to fit my book group s puzzle theme Barbara Vine s novels are always good puzzlers never who done it , but why was it done The Chimney Sweeper s Boy opens with the death of Gerald Candless Candless was a famous writer, both best selling

  8. Sandra Sandra says:

    This was a pretty good book At times I felt it dragged on just a little bit.I found myself feeling irritated by the two very selfish daughters who treat their mother like she doesn t exist, and I m bothered that by the end of the book, they STILL don t realize

  9. Em*bedded-in-books* Em*bedded-in-books* says:

    Was a good, though slow to medium paced read.Gerald Candless, a semi reclusive author who lives in a cliff top house near the misty sea coast of Devon dies of a cardiac arrest His doting daughters are asked by His publisher to write his biography, and the elder on

  10. Karen Brooks Karen Brooks says:

    Having never read a Barbara Vine before, but being recommended this book specifically and by someone whose judgement I value, I looked forward to starting it and I wasn t disappointed The Chimney Sweeper s Boy is an extraordinary, character driven book that tells the

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