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The Elizabethan World Picture This brief illuminating account of the ideas of world order prevalent in the Elizabethan age later is an useful companion for readers of the great writers of the th th centuries Shakespeare, the Elizabethan dramatists, Donne, Milton etc The basic medieval idea of an ordered Chain of Being is studied by Prof Tillyard in the process of its various transformations by the dynamic spirit of the Renaissance Among his topics are Angels the Stars Fortunes the Analogy between Macrocosm Microcosm the Four Elements the Four Humours Sympathies Correspondences the Cosmic Dance ideas symbols which inspirited the minds imaginations not only of the Elizabethans but of all of the RenaissancePrefaceIntroductoryOrderSinThe Chain of BeingThe Links in the ChainThe Corresponding PlanesThe CorrespondencesThe Cosmic DanceEpilogueNotesIndex

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  1. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    If you are new to the study of Shakespeare and wish to acquire a comprehensive conception of the map of ideas the Bard of Avon carried in his head, you could do worse than rely on this old warhorse of Renaissance Studies, The Elizabethan World Picture 1942 by E.M.W Tillyard.Eustache Mandeville Wetenhall Tillyard no wonder he preferred his initials was above all else a Cambridge man He was born there

  2. W.B. W.B. says:

    This is a really well written and interesting monograph But boredom alert here it s a monograph on Elizabethan poetry and the prevailing philosophies and naturalistic theories of the average, educated Elizabethan So if you are not into poetry, this book will probably bore youthan Martha Stewart on the many uses of Kleenex If you are a poet, though, you might want to read this Because it s sort of fascin

  3. Rosemary Atwell Rosemary Atwell says:

    This 1943 study of the ways in which the great writers of the late fifteenth century were shaped by their inheritance of medieval thought and understanding remains remarkably fresh and makes for illuminating reading Tillyard s clarity of vision and persuasive tone, combined with plenty of contemporary references and quotations, portray the Elizabethan mindset and its agile passions with warmth, playfulness

  4. Phillip Phillip says:

    This is one of those old school scholarly pieces, clearly inflected by the Enlightenment Modernist project of constructing master narratives Tillyard s project is fundamentally descriptive, but in the course of describing he also delimits and calls into being the idea he has ostensibly found in Renaissance English culture I mean by this that Tillyard s description applies itself retroactively to defining THE El

  5. ·Karen· ·Karen· says:

    Mr Tillyard was writing at a time before deconstructionism, so this is a nicely unselfconscious, academic and eminently readable short work on the world view of the Elizabethan and Jacobean age Tillyard stakes out a position against those who tend to focus on the humanism and individuality of Renaissance thinking, placing Spenser, Shakespeare and Donne firmly in a tradition that continues directly from the Middle A

  6. Matthew Hudson Matthew Hudson says:

    A perfectly servicable book on the normative worldview of the Elizabethan Era It moves briskly, wastes no time, and covers all of the essential subjects in 109 small pages You will gain a basic understanding of the ideas of the Elements, the humours, the hierarchy of the universe and the Great Chain of Being, among other things Its only faults are two One, that it can be quite dry, but the shortness of the book allevia

  7. Jessica Snell Jessica Snell says:

    This little book is an invaluable aid to understanding not only Elizabethan literature, but also its close follower the work of the metaphysical poets.Every page of Tillyard s book is an enlightenment He lays open the world as the Elizabethans saw it, from the most minute of the elements to the great dance of the stars in the firmament above.And he makes that world infinitely attractive There is an appealing order in the w

  8. Charles Charles says:

    E.M.W Tillyard s The Elizabethan World Picture helped herald in a new era of a New Historicism movement around the world In its pivotal study and interpretation of Elizabethan concepts and texts in their context, this brief book still remains today an indispensable companion to the student of English literature and scholar alike Tillyard elaborates on the book s intentions The province of this book is some of the notions about

  9. Aaron Meyer Aaron Meyer says:

    A short and interesting introduction to the Elizabethan way of thinking Through poetry and other writings of the era Tillyard shows how commonplace and intertwined many of the following ideas were to the average intellectual Sin, Order, The chain of being, Planes, Correspondences, and the Cosmic Dance Definitely helps one to understand many of the political ideas of the era, at least for me it did Worth having on the shelf for qui

  10. William William says:

    An introduction to the Medieval Model inherited by the Elizabethans In a tradition stretching back to Pythagorus and Plato in his Timaeus , and refined by his followers and the medieval Scholastics, the nature of the universe is explained in terms of hierarchies Thus we have a hierarchy of the planets, from lowly earth to the blazing sun a hierarchy of beings, from God, the Seraphim, the lesser angels, man, beast, plant, water and sto

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