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The Ferryman In this riveting novel from the Bram Stoker Award winning author, a woman and her lover are stalked by Charon the mysterious Ferryman from Greek mythology

10 thoughts on “The Ferryman

  1. Kelly Kelly says:

    lassic Haunting Blood tingling The plot is intricate, quick witted, and familiar Gripping you from the first page, Golden lures you in using your morbid fascination and empathy against you And that s just the first chapter Following the two main characters on their journey to find closure and rediscover each other, you soon

  2. Bandit Bandit says:

    I had fairly high hopes for Christopher Golden He s been published a lot, made best selling lists, edited very excellent New Dead anthology Maybe Ferryman is just not a great representation of its talents The book was just so exceptionally bland, the writingaverage at best, serviceable, but never beyond that, the characters

  3. Randolph Randolph says:

    A goofy bit of suburban horror that never really does much Kind of like those TV programs you watch that aren t very good but seem to be part of the family and give you a warm homey feeling even when you are alone A woman has a near death experience in childbirth Charon the ferryman of the River Styx not that Mr Roboto band g

  4. Christopher Obert Christopher Obert says:

    A perfectly haunting tale of The boatman of the river Styx which makes you never look at water the same way again Chris superb story telling carried me along, like the flow of the Styx, to a place fill with danger and suspense The tale was not too bloody or gory, as is so many horror tales today, but had just the right mix of

  5. John John says:

    Wading through this book was an unexpected chore Take a glorified soap opera plot and mix in a brainless, watered down horror element, and basically you end up with a book like this The novel starts out with David, a literature teacher, trying to rekindle a romantic relationship with Janine, who had broken his heart long ago wh

  6. Blair Blair says:

    A fantastic read Clean, precise narrative with affable characters that push the pacing of the book nicely Pared down to strike at the heart of the plot I finished this book in a day I literally read at any opportunity afforded me The story is chilling and draws the readers in from the first page There were no frills, bells or wh

  7. Brian Brian says:

    Fantastic tale The Ferryman, thoughstraightforward than Gary A Braunbeck sIn Silent Graves , is no less lyrical and haunting than Braunbeck s work.Golden is an author every horror and dark fantasy fan should read Fantastic tale The Ferryman, thoughstraightforward than Gary A Braunbeck sIn Silent Graves , is no less lyrical and ha

  8. Matt Spencer Matt Spencer says:

    This beautifully written horror dark fantasy novel was a true joy of a random find Golden sucks you in from the first page, dropping the reader into the middle of a surreal, vivid nightmare From there, he expertly crafts a slow burn of a tale, where we get to know our main characters first through the trials of their daily normal

  9. Rick Parker Rick Parker says:

    The Ferryman was a well written horror story The reason I only gave it three stars is because I expected the story to besophisticated than the run of the mill horror tales I ve read for so long That said, it s still worth the read.

  10. Sas astro Sas astro says:

    I like my horror stories to build up a sense of psychological horror rather than blood and gore for the sake of it I also like my horror stories to have likeable characters, Christopher Golden achieves both with this book It s not a fast moving book but it kept me gripped from start to finish.

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