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The Highwayman When Wyoming highway patrolman Rosey Wayman is transferred to the beautiful and imposing landscape of the Wind River Canyon, an area the troopers refer to as no man s land because of the lack of radio communication, she starts receiving officer needs assistance calls The problem They re coming from Bobby Womack, a legendary Arapaho patrolman who met a fiery death in the canyon almost a half century ago With an investigation that spans this world and the next, Sheriff Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear take on a case that pits them against a legend The Highwayman

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  1. Linda Linda says:

    There is a canyon in the heart of Wyoming carved by a river called Wind and a narrow, opposing, two lane highway that follows its every curve like a lover Craig Johnson truly has a way with words He can describe a scene in the dry desert or in the heights of the mountains like no other He can infuse incredibly humorou

  2. Julie Julie says:

    The Highwayman by Craig Johnson is a 2016 Viking Books publication It feels like it s been forever since the last Longmire novel and forever since there were any new episodes of Longmire to watch on Netflix So, I have been seriously jonesing for a Walt Longmire fix So, thankfully, this novella came along a kept me from hav

  3. ✨Susan✨ ✨Susan✨ says:

    I miss Walt so much, this novella was great and I am looking forward to the next book on this fantastic series Walt and Henry have to help out a fellow officer friend who is having some trouble in the field A little bit of hocus pocus goes on until the mystery of a former officers death is solved Loved it George Guidall is stil

  4. Barbara Barbara says:

    3.5 starsThis novella, which is 11.5 in the Walt Longmire series, has Longmire and his friends dealing with what might be a ghost The book can be read as a standalone Wyoming Highway Patrolman HP Bobby Womack, an Arapaho Indian assigned to the Wind River Canyon, was killed thirty years ago at 12 34 A.M when he had a fiery collision

  5. Michael Michael says:

    This novella has the structure common to ghost stories that turn up in literature spooky reports, a rational investigation, revelations of karmic elements, and an ambiguous resolution Rosie is a deputy with the highway patrol who on duty near highway tunnels that cut through the Wind River mountains of Wyoming hears on various nights rad

  6. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

    The Highwayman is book 11.5 in the Walt Longmire Series Well, it s not a book it s a novella, but it s 190 pages long so it feels almost like a real book I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of this book and in anticipation of An Obvious Fact book twelve in the series that comes this fall was this book a pleasant appetizer I found the stor

  7. Mark Mark says:

    A shorter novel, albeit 190 pages, about Longmire and Henry being outside their own stomping grounds helping a friend who is plagued by an apparent ghost of an Indian Highwayman who died violently and under the suspicion of robbery.This story adds little to the continuation of the Longmire tales as with dry bones , this one is a little sidestep in

  8. Craig Monson Craig Monson says:

    In this slim, pocket book sized novel, Craig Johnson rises to the challenge of concocting a ghost story, deftly managed in under 200 small pages, which can be polished off in a pleasant afternoon or a probably less pleasant plane flight Johnson s familiar and justifiably popular characters negotiate their way through most of the time honored ghost stor

  9. Truman32 Truman32 says:

    Craig Johnson s amiable sheriff, Walt Longmire is back in his half novel novella hybrid it s numbered 11.5 in the series The Highwayman Walt is pulled to Wyoming s desolate Wind River Canyon to help an old friend, highway patrol officer, Rosey Wayman Rosey has been getting calls on her police band officer needs assistance despite the fact that the canyon s

  10. Thomas Thomas says:

    This is a short, easy book to read, 190p I read it in 1 day Walt Longmire, Absaroka County Sheriff, is called on to help a Wyoming Highway Patrol officer who is hearing radio calls from a HP officer dead for thirty years Her Captain wants to send her for a psychiatric evaluation Walt and his friend Henry Standing Bear agree to sit with her for a few nights in Wi

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