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The Missing Beach Ball A new format for Clifford Kids can choose fromtemporary tattoos, such as Clifford, T Bone, Cleo, and , and then read a cute story featuring the Big Red Dog and his pals from the PBS TV showClifford, T Bone, and Cleo are ready for some fun in the sun T Bone is especially eager to play with his brand new beach ball But when a big wave hits the shore, his new toy is washed away The dogs look for the ball and uncover all kinds of beach inhabitants crabs, seashells, seaweed, starfish, and When T Bone finally finds his prized possession, it s with a little help from his ocean friends

10 thoughts on “The Missing Beach Ball

  1. Melissa Koser Melissa Koser says:

    This isn t a bad story It s got nice art in bright colors and a fun story featuring dogs and sea creatures I just find the Clifford series boring.

  2. Matthew Hocker Matthew Hocker says:

    Dames, Clifford spat to the floor as he lit his last, bloodied cigarette, Ya seen one, ya seen em all The Missing Beach Ball serves as a noir take on Clifford the Big Red Dog, giving us white, black, and a whole lotta red The book comes off as a misogynistic representation of dames, the white and black broads that kill like they kiss silently Emily Elizabeth knocks on Detective Ford s door It s a pal

  3. Katy Katy says:

    new school Clifford

  4. Jenn Swanson Jenn Swanson says:

    This is an adorable story about Clifford and his friends losing a beach ball only to find that dolphins took it and are playing with it They end up playing with the dolphins for a bit and then leave the beach ball with the sea creatures A completely unrealistic story but my daughter seemed to enjoy it.

  5. Rosa Cline Rosa Cline says:

    In this book T Bone learns that sharing toys with others that may not have toys is a wonderful thing to do This story helps explains this important lesson to children Beautifully written.

  6. Emerson and Theodore Emerson and Theodore says:

    Story about sharing your beloved toy with others.

  7. Andrea Flory Andrea Flory says:

    This is a good book to read to grades k 2 because it is about a dog who is at the beach doing fun activities It is a fun book to read to children during story time The genre is modern fantasy.

  8. Erik Erickson Erik Erickson says:

    Story about sharing a lost beachball from a rogue wave with some dophins.

  9. Jaime Jaime says:

    A mystery Clifford size is the plot here There is something about a big red dog that keeps this series going.

  10. Krista Krista says:

    It was a cute story except the left their ball for the dolphins to play with which kinda felt like littering to me.

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