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The Nietzsche Reader The Nietzsche Reader published in the yearwas published by Blackwell Publishing The author of this book is Keith Ansell Pearson e a dedicated page displaying collection of Keith Ansell Pearson books here This is the Paperback version of the title The Nietzsche Reader and have around pppages The Nietzsche Reader is currently Available with us

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  1. Seri Seri says:

    This was my introduction to Nietzsche s philosophy It is a collection of excerpts from all his major works I was so enthralled with this book when I read it I hardly slept Nietzsche is a great writer, and he will always have you chuckling evilly, one of the few philosophers with a sense of humor.Nietzsche will make you look beyond good and evil and question

  2. Bob Nichols Bob Nichols says:

    With Nietzsche s emphasis on the will to power and its manifestation in the Superman, it s easy enough to see him as the bad boy of philosophy, as a rebel who resonates, even though he may be extreme In this selection of Nietzsche s mature writings, it s possible to interpret Nietzsche in a less extreme way.Nietzsche yells out that God is dead and he s glad for

  3. Richard Newton Richard Newton says:

    This book sets out, after a very brief introdction, to give an overview to Neitzsche purely by giving excerpts of his writing without any discussion, notes or explanation arranged in a set of thematic groupings In choosing this selection Hollingdale was not attempting to give an understanding of Neitzsche s thought, but merely a taster which he hoped would encourage

  4. Katie Bayford Katie Bayford says:

    When man no longer regards himself as evil he ceases to be so R.J Hollingdale compiles selections spanning thirteen years of Nietzsche s writings on certain topics Philosophy, Morality, Will to Power etc and presents a brilliant overview of the author s most dazzling work His choice to put Nietzsche s writing on each topic in chronological order presents the reader with a

  5. Jackson Jackson says:

    A Nietzsche Reader is essentially a collection of essays selected and translated by R J Holllingdale that encompasses Nietzsche s most influential ideas The book includes snippets of his work on philosophers logic, epistemology and metaphysics morality art psychology religion nihilism will to power the superman eternal recurrence and a reflective section that ends the book str

  6. Bruce Bruce says:

    This book is a collection of excerpts from Nietzsche s writings, arranging by theme and topic rather than chronologically It is meant to be an overview of his thought and an enticement to the reader to explore his works in greater thoroughness and detail This having been said, the work is an excellent summary or synopsis of Nietzsche s thinking using well chosen and organized snipp

  7. Ann Ann says:

    I had this book sitting on my desk at a job I had, when I first read it about 14 years agoa co worker saw it and asked where I was going to collegeI replied I was not attending college, she said you are reading Nietzshe without it being required I always laugh when I think of that I love his philosophy, but maybe it takes a little bit of an off kiltered person such as myself to enjoy th

  8. C C says:

    This is the type of thing that people who get bullied take seriously Of course reading this book is not enough for overcoming the source of bullying, which is not the bully himself Either way the Nietzschian really fails to grapple both with the bully and its source, and is thus a failure Nietzsche is seen as completely contrarian, but his erection for brute power is ultimately conformist to

  9. Zheng Tao Zheng Tao says:

    I love Nietzsche I love Nietzsche to death But this is such a fragmented way to read Nietzsche Read Truth and Lie in a Non Moral Sense or some sections of Zarathustra thoroughly, and you ll already get a sense of everything written in this book.Nietzsche s to be read in depth But it s nice to be able to go theme by theme.

  10. Raghunath Kalpana-Ananth Raghunath Kalpana-Ananth says:

    3 Stars to the book, 4 to the philosophy He was way ahead of his times His philosophy strikes at the very basic and unconscious fundamentals of our moral instincts If fully understood is utterly disturbing.

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