The Rag-Picker's Guide to Poetry: Poems, Poets, Process

The Rag-Picker's Guide to Poetry: Poems, Poets, Process The venture of this inviting collection is to look, from the many vantages that thepoets in this eclectic anthology chose to look, at what it was knowing that a poem can t be conceived in advance of its creation that helped their poems to emerge or connected them over time The Rag Picker s Guide to Poetrypermits an inside view of how poets outwit internal censors and habits of thought, showing how the meticulous and the spontaneous come together in the process of discovery Within are contained the work and thoughts of Betty AdcockJoan AleshireDebra AllberyElizabeth ArnoldDavid BakerRick BarotMarianne BoruchKaren BrennanGabrielle CalvocoressiMichael CollierCarl DennisStuart DischellRoger FanningChris ForhanReginald GibbonsLinda GregersonJennifer GrotzBrooks HaxtonTony HoaglandMark JarmanA Van JordanLaura KasischkeMary LeaderDana LevinJames LongenbachThomas LuxMaurice ManningHeather McHughMartha RhodesAlan ShapiroDaniel TobinEllen Bryant VoigtAlan WilliamsonEleanor WilnerC Dale Young

10 thoughts on “The Rag-Picker's Guide to Poetry: Poems, Poets, Process

  1. Gerry LaFemina Gerry LaFemina says:

    Despite the stand out names, there were, in the end, only a few of these essays that felt insightful or memorable The book, then, becomesan anthology than a discussion of poem, a shame.

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I loved reading the selected poets poems and their thoughts about the meaning and inspiration behind those poems This was an interesting read.

  3. Patti K Patti K says:

    The best thing about this 2013 anthology is the introductory short pieces from the poetson their process or motivation for the poem Fascinating to read the widely variedresponses I enjoyed about one half of the poems included Laura Kasischke,Alan Shapiro,Heather McHugh, Linda Gregerson, Tony Hoagland It is worth giving it a try, evenif it is a bit uneven.

  4. Miranda Hency Miranda Hency says:

    Lots of interesting poetry that I probably wouldn t have otherwise been exposed to Nice testimonies, too.

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