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The Road to Universal Health Coverage Like many ambitious global goals, universal health coverage UHC remains an aspiration for many countries The World Health Organization estimates that half the world s population lacks access to basic health services Moreover, this already staggering number masks inequities that exist between and within countries gaps between rich and poor, men and women, young and old, and among people of different ethnic backgrounds UHC promises to give all people greater access to higher quality health services without the fear of financial hardship But the task of turning this vision into reality poses a significant challenge for countries at all stages of economic development.In The Road to Universal Health Coverage, Jeffrey L Sturchio, Ilona Kickbusch, Louis Galambos, and their contributors explore the ways in which the private sector is already helping countries achieve universal health coverage Stressing the many positive aspects of UHC developments, the book focuses on the new health economy and the sometimes controversial dimensions of the private sector helping countries achieve UHC Theoretical chapters are complemented by a series of case studies that explore the myriad ways in which private sector actors are already addressing UHC.What are the conditions required for countries to translate their successful experiences and policy promises into practical results for improved population health In answering this question, the contributors examine the relationship between health employment and economic growth They also analyze the critical success factors for private sector engagement in UHC, the role of healthy women in creating and sustaining healthy economies, and the role of the pharmaceutical sector Looking to the political, economic, and social implications of moving from aspiration to implementation, The Road to Universal Health Coverage points the way to the many opportunities ahead as companies continue to work with governments and civil society partners to help achieve UHC.Jean Louise Arcand, H ctor Arreola Ornelas, Nathan J Blanchet, Christine Bugos, Jim Campbell, John Campbell, Jr., Ibadat Dhillon, Donika Dimovska, Christian Franz, Michael F rst, Louis Galambos, Bel n Garijo, Adeel Ishtiaq, Sowmya Kadandale, Ilona Kickbusch, Felicia Marie Knaul, Jeremy Lauer, Robert Marten, Justin McCarthy, Harald Nusser, K Srinath Reddy, Yasmine Rouai, Jeffrey L Sturchio, Cicely Thomas, Tana Wuliji, Snow Yang, Pascal Zurn

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