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The Tiger's Fate Gold Medal Winner for Best Science Fiction, Fantasy Horror E Book Independent Publisher Book Awards The third installment of the award winning Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer series is here A nobleman from an infamous family, imperial legionary officer, fighter and a right proper bastard of a man Captain Ben Stiger has successfully thwarted the attack from an army of the Cyphan Confederacy Now Stiger, his men, and his new dwarven allies have fallen back behind the great walls of Castle Vrell Stiger finds himself named Legate of the Vanished, the long lost th Legion This title and his own word binds him to the terms of the Compact, an ancient and mystical alliance formed nearly two thousand years before The snows have come and the mountain summit into Vrell is impassable On one side of the pass sits an army of the Cyphan Confederacy some twenty thousand strong On the other sits Stiger, his company, the remnants of the th Legion and a dwarven army Each side is waiting for the spring thawBottled up in the Vrell valley, Stiger and his elven companion, Eli, learn of Garand Thoss, an ancient and abandoned dwarven city Within its hallowed halls resides a prize of unimaginable value a prize that will reveal the true history of the empire, and force Stiger to face a new enemy deadly than he has ever faced before

About the Author: Marc Alan Edelheit

Marc Alan Edelheit has a Bachelor s Degree in Science and obtained a Masters in Education as a Reading and Writing Specialist Marc has traveled the world, from Asia to Europe, even at one point crossing the border at Check Point Charlie in Berlin toward the end of the Cold War Marc is the ultimate history fan and incorporates much of that passion into his work to bring greater realism to his fans He is also an avid reader, devouring several books a week, ranging from history to science fiction and fantasy Marc currently resides in New Hope, Pennsylvania, just miles from where Washington crossed the Delaware.

10 thoughts on “The Tiger's Fate

  1. HBalikov HBalikov says:

    Well, Harananos said, there is a complication The young Stiger found the eagle of the Thirteenth The Thirteenth Treim said The Vanished He found the lost eagle Yes, he did, the emperor said, and that is the problem I do not see how Treim was confused It is just an eagle All he has to do is hang onto it until we can fight our way south If this castle is so well fortified, there shoul

  2. I.F. Adams I.F. Adams says:

    The good You know how you feel when you buy a can of Pringles You know its not haute cuisine, but by god you re gonna enjoy it That was how I felt about this It was predictable, but still a good ride Sort of wrapping up the first story arc with a satisfying epic battle and some majorly creepy bad guys the reveal of the Minion critter was actually pretty good All told, I think I dig this mil

  3. The Shayne-Train The Shayne-Train says:

    Mannnnn, there is some WAR going on Rome VS Orcs Uh oh, I ve been very much enjoying the fact that these volumes are a bit on the slim side, and now I see the next in the series is like twice the size of the others Time for a bit of a break

  4. Sven Sven says:

    It s the weakest of the series but still a good read.The roman military fiction set in a fantasy world thing is as fun as ever Problem is that in order to reach that part you ll have to trudge through a very lengthy exposition dump which eats up approximately the first fourth of the book It s for the sake of world building and setting up things to come but as a result this book is a very slow starter.After

  5. Marc Edelheit Marc Edelheit says:

    My favorite book to date P

  6. GaiusPrimus GaiusPrimus says:

    While I think books 1 and 2 are better overall, I don t think this is a bad book and the rating reflects that.Books 1 and 2, with their world building and introduction are engaging and wondrous Book 3 seems to have been setup as the stepping stone for the next mini arc within the larger story of the Ben Stiger becoming who he is meant to be We still have some great reveals and there s a pretty great, albeit slightly Deus

  7. Randy Harmelink Randy Harmelink says:

    The pacing on this book was a bit slower than the author s other books, because of the need forbackground verbiage because of a big reveal One that caught me off guard, but in hindsight made total sense I was wondering how so many mythical creatures were interacting with Roman legions Now I know why.Onebook and I m out of books by this author.

  8. Daniel Jobling Daniel Jobling says:

    BrilliantWell hes done it again a lot of stuff is revealed in this book that I d love to talk about but spoiler alert so I wont this book felt so muchintense than the previous two and the ending would have had me swearing at it in a good way if my toddlers were not in the room on to book four then

  9. Peter Pearce Peter Pearce says:

    GreatAnother great addition to the series marcs work keep getting better and thus series is in my top 10 all time reads.

  10. Julie Moran Julie Moran says:

    Hell of an ending Geesh Now I have to get book 4 and pronto Then wait far too long for book 5 GeeshOh, let me back up a bit Excellent series Love the action and world building If I had to describe the series, it s fantasy magic, dwarfs, elves and grimdark meets Spartacus swords and sandals action Pretty nifty combination and there is never ever a dull moment If I were to list any complaints, I d have two 1 The relationship friendship between the main ch

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