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The Velveteen Rabbit Nursery Magic Is Very Strange And Wonderful, And Only Those Playthings That Are Old And Wise And Experienced Like The Skin Horse Understand All About ItLike The Skin Horse, Margery Williams Understood How Toys And People Become Real Through The Wisdom And Experience Of Love This Reissue Of A Favorite Classic, With The Original Story And Illustrations As They First Appeared In , Will Work Its Magic For All Who Read It

10 thoughts on “The Velveteen Rabbit

  1. Rachel C. Rachel C. says:

    Beautiful and deeply touching At Meredith s wedding last year, her brother and sister read a passage from this book, including the below an inspired choice Real isn t how you are made, said the Skin Horse It s a thing that happens to you When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real Does it hurt

  2. Bill Bill says:

    A terrific book, even as an adult, but it gave me quite a scare as a little kid See, I actually managed to get scarlet fever in the first grade, and because of The Velveteen Rabbit, I was terrified that someone was going to come in and force me to burn all of my toys...

  3. Loretta Loretta says:

    What a delightful book

  4. Elyse Elyse says:

    I m sure I wrote a review about this book on this site at one time or another.The review may be lost my memories of this book never are I own it.Its a children s favorite Thanks Duane for re visiting of memories from when you recently read it

  5. Carol Carol says:

    First published in 1922, a REAL gem of a classic

  6. K.D. Absolutely K.D. Absolutely says:

    The Velveteen Rabbit or How Toys Become Real by Margery Williams Bianco 1881 1944 was originally published in 1922 when she was 41 years old Tonight is my first time to read this book Shame on me It only took 15 mins to read it and at first I was totally not impressed I thought I already saw the theme of previously cherished toys being discarded either in favor of a newer orhi tech to

  7. Agir(آگِر) Agir(آگِر) says:

    What is REAL asked the Rabbit one day Real isn t how you are made, said the Skin Horse.It s a thing that happens to you But these things don t matter at all, because once you are Real you can t be ugly

  8. Sylvain Reynard Sylvain Reynard says:

    Some children s books should be read by adults This is one of them It examines the transforming power of love.

  9. Duane Duane says:

    Shame on you Toy Story , you knocked off The Velveteen Rabbit and didn t even say thank you Of course this was published in 1922, seventy three years before Toy Story, so most of today s children haven t read this, which is a shame because it s a sweet story, soft and gentle like the little rabbit.

  10. Terence Terence says:

    This is my teddy bear His name is Teddy and I have no recollection of getting him, but he has been with me for over 35 years I can t say that he and I were are as close as the Boy and his Rabbit I have no memories of sleeping with him nor of fervently clutching him when afraid nor of making ersatz bear dens for his comfort but he was always on the periphery of my life Lurking on top of my dresser, carele

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