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The Voyage of Bran This is Kuno Meyer s translation of the old Irish saga, the Voyage of Bran In this magical odyssey to the limits of reality, Bran takes a characteristically time dilated journey to a distant isle of luxury On return, he learns that ages have passed and he and his expedition have already passed into myth He can never again touch the soil of his homeland and sails off again The appendices contain extracts from other Irish texts about Mongan, who is mentioned in the Bran saga, the son of Manannan mac Lir, the Celtic sea god This is of interest because of the descriptions of the training of bards, and lore of human visits to the S dhe, the fairiesAbout Author Kuno MeyerDecember Octoberwas a German scholar, distinguished in the field of Celtic philology and literature His pro German stance at the start of World War I while traveling in the United States was a source of controversy

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    I d never heard this tale until I came across an online version of this public domain book Kuno Meyer is presumably attempting to translate as literally as possible, and consequently, the whimsical, rhyming, nature of the original gaelic text is lost The fault belongs to no one other than the passage of time, but a lot of the words used within the text are fairly difficult to u

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