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This Side of Paradise This Side of Paradise, F Scott Fitzgerald s romantic and witty first novel, was written when the author was only twenty three years old This semi autobiographical story of the handsome, indulged, and idealistic Princeton student Amory Blaine received critical raves and catapulted Fitzgerald to instant fame Now, readers can enjoy the newly edited, authorized version of this early classic of the Jazz Age, based on Fitzgerald s original manuscript In this definitive text, This Side of Paradise captures the rhythms and romance of Fitzgerald s youth and offers a poignant portrait of the Lost Generation

10 thoughts on “This Side of Paradise

  1. Matt Matt says:

    Very few things matter and nothing matters very much F Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of ParadiseReading The Great Gatsby was an important experience for me, coming as it did at a time when my love for reading was threat

  2. Jason Koivu Jason Koivu says:

    Entitlement courses through every word and hemorrhages forth with a youthful flair for dramatics That a momentary blemish can nearly bring a girl to tears of despair, that looking into the very face of death wrangles only a

  3. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    This side of paradise, F Scott Fitzgerald 1896 1940 This Side of Paradise is the debut novel by F Scott Fitzgerald It was published in 1920 Taking its title from a line of Rupert Brooke s poem Tiare Tahiti, the book examines the

  4. Glenn Sumi Glenn Sumi says:

    An Apprentice Work, With Flashes Of Genius This Side Of Paradise was Fitzgerald s first novel, the one that made him, at age 23, a literary star, the unofficial chronicler of the flapper era It was such a success that his ex girlfriend

  5. Jared Logan Jared Logan says:

    The Great Gatsby is colossal It s one of those books from your high school reading list that you probably still like I do I love Gatsby When I saw the Baz Luhrman movie was coming out I remembered that I once promised myself I would read all

  6. Jim Fonseca Jim Fonseca says:

    This was Fitzgerald s first novel, published when he was 23 So it s a coming of age novel and semi autobiographical Our main character, Amory, is presented to us as a not very likeable egotistical young god he wondered how people could fail to not

  7. David Fleming David Fleming says:

    So how is it that this novel, despite it s shortcomings, was still able to be successful Ask any New York agent to represent your literary novel with a male protagonist and he ll tell you Literary novel s with a male protagonist are hard sells And they

  8. Oriana Oriana says:

    after reading Meh Meh, meh, meh See, this is the problem with re reading books that shine so bright in your memory sometimes they just don t live up I mean, there s really no reason I shouldn t have loved this book It s filled with philosophical musings and s

  9. Maxwell Maxwell says:

    DNFing this one Maybe it s because I m not in the mood, or maybe it s just slow and not my jam in general Either way, just thinking about picking this book up was not inspiring me to read so I m done.

  10. Lee Klein Lee Klein says:

    Of all the writing by writers in their early 20s I ve read and written , this book is down the street and around the corner from most I wish I d read about the Romantic Egotist before I wrote a book called Incidents of Egotourism in the Temporary World that also takes pl

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