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Eisenhorn and Ravenor in a new double cd audio dramaThe Inquisition is the most powerful and secretive organisation within the Imperium Its agents, the Inquisitors, are the last line of defence for mankind Gregor Eisenhorn, dedicated servant of the Inquisition, takes to the field again in three audio dramas Regia Occulta finds him on a world wracked by ethereal storms and haunted by a terrifying beast In Master Imus s Transgression, the Inquisitor investigates the mysterious affair of a mild mannered clerk who confesses to a crime Gideon Ravenor, once Eisenhorn s pupil, is now crippled and confined to a life support chair He uses his powerful psychic talents to enact the Emperor s will When he receives a mysterious message, Ravenor and his loyal followers travel to a distant world where they battle fierce cultists But what are the cultists looking for And what is the meaning of the message Thorn Wishes Talon Thorn and Talon: Eisenhorn and Ravenor

About the Author: Dan Abnett

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Thorn and Talon: Eisenhorn and Ravenor book, this is one of the most wanted Dan Abnett author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Thorn and Talon: Eisenhorn and Ravenor

  1. Stuart Stuart says:

    My best friend Billy kept beating me at Rock Paper Scissors, so I had him publicly accused of Heresy and he was executed by being bathed in holy promethium in front of the Schola I shed a single tear I was neverashamed I should not have cried Love EisenhornThorn and Talon is a collection of audio dramas focusing upon the brilliant Eisenhorn, an Inquisitor of the Holy Inquisitio

  2. Eric Eric says:

    70 100

  3. Abhinav Abhinav says:

    Shadowhawk reviews Dan Abnett s first audio drama for his Inquisition novels, Thorn and Talon, featuring characters from the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies Thorn and Talon is some of Dan s finest work ever and shows why he really understands thedomestic side of the Warhammer 40,000 setting The Founding FieldsThorn and Talon is one of the newest audio dramas from Black Library, comin

  4. Stephen Stephen says:

    I find the best part of Eisenhorn and Ravenor are the random short stories Dan Abnett writes I wish there werelike this.

  5. Lex Lex says:

    This collection of 3 short stories made me like the Inquisitors a lotthan some of the Space Marines in their own novellas.Master Imus s Transgression I love the atmosphere described in this story it being dark and creepy, as narrated by Master Imus, a clerk of the Imperium the voice acting is superb Inquisitor Eisenhorn investigates Imus connection to a small crime of fraudulence and it en

  6. Robert McCarroll Robert McCarroll says:

    There are three different audio dramas in this collection I will cover them separately, as they are disconnected from each other.Master Imus Transgression 4 stars I covered this under it s own entry.Regia Occulta 3 Stars An interesting yarn where Eisenhorn does some actual investigative work The mystery was not terribly complex, but it wasn t a long enough piece for that The action beats at t

  7. Calin Calin says:

    Let me begin with, I am not a gamer so I did not come to these stories from that direction That makes a bit of difference but not enough to keep me away I had done a little research as to where to start and in the end, I just jumped in here With that said, I just stumbled upon the Warhammer 40k series and I have begun with the Thorn and Talon short stories I am enthralled with this new reality a

  8. Scooter Scooter says:

    In my humble opinion, this is one of the better listens reads of the audio books selection that provided by the folk at Black Library.The three stories all work seamlessly well transposed to the audio format and that is mostly due to the fact that Dan Abnett is a good writer and that the characters in the stories are not gene enhanced space marines, who tend to be given pompous, bombastic vocal ton

  9. Jimmy Jimmy says:

    Great to haveEisenhorn and Ravenor stories.I was initially surprised at the first story being set back in Eisenhorns Interrogator days and had to check I d got the correct item Serves me right for not paying attention to the blurbs.So the first story was interesting and all but lets be fair we re all here for Thorn and Talon.I loved the story It bridges story arcs, it shows the genuine affection betwe

  10. Tom Tom says:

    A nice collection of stories that whet my appetite for the upcoming Bequin trilogy i.e Eisenhorn vs Ravenor Thorn Wishes talon fits in between the books of the Ravenor trilogy while Master Imus s Transgression and Regia Occulta give us a nice look at the early career of Gregor Eisenhorn The stories are all great, but no surprises there, and I really must comment on how good the production was in this aud

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