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Toy's Story Attorney Zatoya Waters has it all, or so it seems She s an independent woman who does not need anything or anyone except an occasional friend with excellent benefits to keep her bed warm on a cold winter night After falling off the Pretty Boy tree repeatedly Zatoya had given up on finding a man of her own Unfortunately she would soon discover that friends with benefits are not always there when you need something other than sex Stranded over two hundred miles from home, on a snowy winters night, she does the unimaginable Zatoya accepts a ride from a handsome stranger A Stranger who redefines everything she thought she knew about men A stranger who sets her heart, body and soul on an emotional roller coaster ride that liberates her to let down her guards and give love and commitment just one try Captivating, funny, and oh so sexy the saga of Zatoya Waters and the rich, handsome stranger that challenged her to take another look at love is a sassy, funny but sweet erotic treat An intriguing look at love, sex, and crazy grown folks drama awaits anyone who dares to curl up with this Urban Fairy Tale

10 thoughts on “Toy's Story

  1. Kim Kim says:

    I have no idea how I stumbled across this author, but I am so happy I did This story was just that good At first I thought the self narration would bother me, but after a short while I really started to dig Toy s side bar commentary It was almost like when you are watching a movie, and everyone freezes and just the main character starts talking to the

  2. Jewlski Jewlski says:

    I had this book in my bedroom and never got around to reading it Finally, after seeing wonderful reviews, I decided to give it a chance Big mistake It was terrible Zatoya and Logic were both desperate The story line was so bizarre, and unrealistic I really expectedjust based off of the reviews alone I ve been duped

  3. D.lee D.lee says:

    Okay let just start by saying Brenda Stoke Lee is doing her thing with this series I absolutely loved it, although she almost gave me a heart attack twice Once when Toy and Teddy were introduced.I was like OMG not again I was furious and then the situation with Tyson, I was likeI am I m gonna have to jump in this Kindle and kick Toy s butt There were ti

  4. Lady Raven RAVE! Lady Raven RAVE! says:

    Style African American Romance Story OKIntimacy level GOODEnjoyment OKSeries N APrice 2.99The Good I honestly am not sure.The Bad Different strokes for different fokes, with saying that, I just didn t like how this book was conveyed to me I felt as though I was reading the story on super fast speed I walked away not really liking the characters For me it

  5. Sharenda Sharenda says:

    Very good The best i have read yet I love toy and logic s love story

  6. Ms. Prissy Ms. Prissy says:

    My gurl Toya was a tripp glad she was able to put crazy lady away and enjoy true love I really loved this story for Logic, I was happy too see him get the love he so deserved.

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    Well Well Another good read I really enjoy these drama filled love stories I do recommend

  8. Sultry Steamy Reading Sultry Steamy Reading says:

    What the fuck did I just read I don t understand how this book gets a rating of 4 here on Goodreads.Oh my God Like, really

  9. Latoya Wilson Latoya Wilson says:

    Fickle as a two cent sex workerLord, when I say Zatoya was as fickle as a two cent sex worker, I truly mean it, but her fickle tail held me to the very end of this story I never, ever, knew what was going to happen next and laughed until my sides hurt Sometimes her pretentiousness got to be too much, but if she doesn t think she s the ish, who will So I laugh

  10. Tameka Tameka says:

    This book was EVERYTHING.

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