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Two Hearts Coda to The Last Unicorn a novelette Available for free on the author s website

About the Author: Peter S. Beagle

Peter Soyer Beagle born April 20, 1939 is an American fantasist and author of novels, nonfiction, and screenplays He is also a talented guitarist and folk singer He wrote his first novel, A Fine and Private Place , when he was only 19 years old Today he is best known as the author of The Last Unicorn, which routinely polls as one of the top ten fantasy novels of all time, and at least two of his other books A Fine and Private Place and I See By My Outfit are considered modern classics.

10 thoughts on “Two Hearts

  1. karen karen says:

    WELCOME TO DECEMBER PROJECT last year, i carved out my own short story advent calendar as my project for december, and it was so much fun i decided to do it again this year so, each day during the month of december, i will be reading a sho

  2. Algernon (Darth Anyan) Algernon (Darth Anyan) says:

    My brother Wilfrid keeps saying it s not fair that it should all have happened to me Me being a girl, and a baby, and too stupid to lace up my own sandals properly But I think it s fair I think everything happened exactly the way it should have d

  3. Princessjay Princessjay says:

    Peter S Beagle has been very reluctant to write a sequel to his best novel, THE LAST UNICORN, and with very good reason The original story was a fable, with phrases and images so lyrical as to be near poetry The characters were real in that we could eas

  4. Oliviu Craznic Oliviu Craznic says:

    He told me that I had the makings of a real warrior queen, only he was certain I was too smart to be one The amazing, darker, overwhelming, absolutely beautiful follow up to The Last Unicorn A nine year girl is asking the aged, dreamy, mostly senile king to ta

  5. M— M— says:

    Oh, god Read in privacy and with tissues handy It s a beautiful, perfect story, but it will break your heart.The full text of the story is freely available here.Related Reviews The Last Unicorn The Lost Version by Peter S BeagleThe Last Unicorn The Graphic Novel adap

  6. Andreas Andreas says:

    Mr Beagle wrote this sequel decades after The Last Unicorn Those who loved the last unicorn will like this as well we meet Shmendrick, Molly, Lir and the unicorn this time in a less exposed role again and find out that Lir is now old and senile The story is told from the PO

  7. Kate Kate says:

    Just like in The Last Unicorn, the animals are heroes and the people are flawed, and it s perfect.

  8. YouKneeK YouKneeK says:

    Two Hearts is a 36 page story that follows up on the novel The Last Unicorn I had just finished reading The Last Unicorn last night and I liked it ok but wasn t really wowed by it and I had trouble getting into the story at first This short story, on the other hand, drew me in right awa

  9. Jolene Haack Jolene Haack says:

    The Last Unicorn is my favorite book Ever Of all time Full stop It started with the movie I saw the movie a thousand times as a child and only as an adult read the book But it was so breathtaking It was the type of story that changed me Today, when I discovered that there was a coda to the stor

  10. MK MK says:

    ahhh really good I didn t love The Last Unicorn, but I loved Two Hearts

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