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Unfair: Uriah the Hittite's Life of Service Our lives are often shaped by the people and events that touch us Many events and relationships in our lives can result in incredible physical and emotional pain Often this pain is the results of circumstances outside our control A drunk driver can forever deform a vibrant healthy life A sexual affair can destroy a marriage A terrible disease can destroy a young life Turning a human life into a statistic steals personal identity From a human perspective these events may often seem terribly unfair, completely unjustifiable, and totally underserved What can be said of Uriah the Hittite Uriah s name and his life is often overshadowed by his wife s adulterous affair with a philandering King David Uriah the Hittite is an individual whose identity has been stolen Many people face circumstances in life where all that they believed about themselves is stripped away Covetousness, fornication, adultery, greed, cancer, political upheaval, untimely death and even murder tears through lives It is simply not fair from a worldly perspective, and few men or women have been abused by life than Uriah the Hittite Yet few men or women have endured their trials, tribulations and tempting with greater grace than Uriah the Hittite The author shares the personal tragedy of losing a son He shares how that event transformed his life It is the author s hope that in sharing what he has discovered through his commentary on Uriah the Hittite that lives will be transformed, and the personal tragedies tearing apart readers lives will be healed Uriah the Hittite was a refugee from genocide, a servant in the tabernacle, a husband of a trophy bride, a victim of adultery, a betrayed but fearless soldier, a witness to the carnage of war, a mocked man, an abused man and a murdered man Unfair the world cries, but a careful examination reveals Uriah lived the life and died the death God predestined for his life The author explores the importance of Uriah the Hittite s name Uriah s name means the flame of Jehovah , and the significance of God s use of flames and fire through Old and New Testament examples are explored The genealogical heritage of Uriah s ancestral roots is unearthed The boring Old Testament begats take on a new life The faithfulness of a Godly covenant is followed as centuries unfold Rev Larry Briggs says, This is excellent and inspiring work I am confident it will educate, encourage and bring comfort to many John Wesley Rowe, Jr helps us comprehend the long term vision God has for our trials and tribulations The world says a loving God would not put the trials of life on His children Many a Christian has missed untold blessings when they have failed to be cheerful in the midst of life s greatest challenges Visit the Brook Besor through the reading of Unfair, Uriah the Hittite s Life of Service

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