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Unmistakable: Why Only Is Better Than Best Seth Godin taught us to be remarkable in Purple Cow, and Guy Kawasaki stressed enchanting in Enchantment Now Srinivas Rao explains the power of unmistakable creating work that no one can replicate, thereby eliminating your competition After getting rejected from many business schools and fired from several sales jobs, Srinivas Rao decided to stop doing what he thought he was supposed to do and start working in a way that felt honest He launched the Unmistakable Creative Podcast to interview some of the greatest minds in business including Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Pam Slim, Elle Luna, and Ryan Holiday finding a surprisingly big audience This book distills the lessons, anecdotes, and insights of thepeople he has interviewed Unmistakable art needs no signature As soon as it s in front of you, you know exactly who created it, like Banksy s street art or Tim Burton s films Whether you re a business owner, artist, or anything in between, when your work is unmistakable, your competition becomes irrelevant They can t copy you The key to being unmistakable is to stop trying to be the best because that would mean you re sticking to plans and rules that have already been set for you, choosing what s safe and reliable Rao argues that your most meaningful, impactful, and joyful work exists outside the being the best mindset, if you can strip away the expectations and pressure that you ve internalized to lead you to be the only

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  1. Heidi The Reader Heidi The Reader says:

    A call to action for artists and business people of all types to create the work that only they can create which makes them irreplaceable and also UnmistakableWhen you re the only person who could have created a work of art, the competition and standard metrics by which things are measured become irrelevant because nothing can replace you The factors that distinguish you are so personal that nobody can replicate thempg 2 That makes sense to me You re essenti

  2. Mike Vardy Mike Vardy says:

    This is a phenomenal piece of work Srinivas Rao drives the point home of how being unmistakeable is the path to better work and a better life Through the order sharing his own story as well as the stories of others, this book will inspire you to be only in your field because only is better than best.If you re looking for something to act as a catalyst to bring your great work to life or need a reminder of why it is that you do what you do in the first place, then

  3. J.H. Moncrieff J.H. Moncrieff says:

    One of my students gave me this book during our second class I m not sure why he didn t know me yet, or anything about me And yet, it feels like he did.I ve laid everything on the line to pursue my dream of being a full time novelist A lot of people think that s crazy, but the guy who wrote this book not only understands he s lived it While the surfing analogies didn t speak to me, as I m not a surfer, much of what he said was encouraging and affirming Keep following th

  4. Sherry Weitzen Sherry Weitzen says:

    Inspiring Need to re read and take notes.

  5. Sean Goh Sean Goh says:

    Short punchy book drawing a lot of analogies relating doing good stuff to surfing Following up on the examples cited was nice._______The antidote to the voice of fear is to put your work out into the world, little by little, day by day, until you can live with the voice, while also ignoring it You overcome resistance drip by drip with seemingly small accomplishments, one at a time, until you find a capacity to dare a bit .Treat validation as one of the environments you live in Real

  6. Melanie Hilliard Melanie Hilliard says:

    3.75What does it mean to be unmistakable And how do you produce work that is unmistakable Based on his successful podcast The Unmistakable Creative Srinivas Rao puts his spin on the over saturated market of how to succeed at being a creative entrepreneur to paper in his latest Unmistakable Why Only is Better Than Best.While I listen tothan my fair share of podcasts in the area of creative inspiration, I m not a fan of Rao s podcast Frankly, it s a little too bro for me Which is fine 3.75

  7. Stephen Stephen says:

    This book is preachy and repetitive, so much so that you will feel like you re reading the same chapter over and over TheI read books of this nature, theconvinced I am that acclaimed authors such as Seth Godin, Hugh MacLeod, et al., operate within the realm of a links exchange orgy I mention you in my book, and you mention me in yours Eventually they become enclosed in an echo chamber and their reputation precedes themselves.Take for example a glaring contradiction on the piece a This book is

  8. David David says:

    Quick bloggy book w encouraging words for creators and would be originators, which is definitely worthwhile serves its purpose.

  9. Ruth Ruth says:

    Inspiring and instructive book about how to be you and let yourself be expressed to the world

  10. FAXBoy FAXBoy says:

    Just drop everything you are doing right at this moment unless you re holding a beer and or a baby and read this book.

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